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High school reunion

August 26, 2013
By Ellayne Conyers , Marshall Independent

Part II:

The following was also written by Gwen and sums up the feelings of the attendees. (It is sung to the tune of HOME ON THE RANGE)


Oh, those were the days!

All the memories they made are so sweet.

So we say with a smile in our modern-day style:

"To be 60 or over is 'neat!'"


Oh, give me the days of the old-fashioned ways

When the waves of nostalgia were born;

There was lots of hard work which you never dared shirk,

And the day's start at four in the morn!

On Saturday nights toward the town's shining lights

With the cream and the eggs and the crew;

We would trade for our food, shop around and then you'd

Stand and visit with folks that you knew.

Do you all recall that old phone on the wall?

When your ring was a "short and a long?"

And that old "Mrs. Beck," the town's big rubber neck

Always quoted your story all wrong.

Now those kerosene lamps caused no energy "cramps,"

And the stoves would burn cobs and old twigs;

In the side reservoir our bath water we'd store,

And the oven nursed sickly runt pigs.

Oh, bring back the smell when you always could tell

What was cooking for hours or days,

There was no instant mix for your supper to fix,

Nor no worry of micro-wave rays.

Maybe wash days weren't fun, from the well you would run

Yet the wringer did help with the chore,

All the starch you would boil-making soap was a toil,

But, you never could say, "Life's a bore!"

Oh, the music was sweet, all the words we'd repeat,

For the tempo was slow and refined;

They had something to say - not like songs of today,

Where the message you just cannot find.

There was no E.R.A. back in that good old day

When the women were pleased with their role;

When pollution was nil and the evenings were still,

And the simple things spoke to the soul.

Now it's fine to be here though we hold memories dear,

In these times we will live without fuss;

We will reap all the joy, telling young girls and boys

That we're happy to be "sixty-plus!"

And so we enjoyed another class reunion, which brought up countless memories that made us smile and laugh enjoying the moments to the hilt. And as the evening ended, many classmates commented: "Please let's not wait another 10 years to get together again."



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