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‘Magic Mike’ and mayhem

August 3, 2013
By Cindy Votruba , Marshall Independent

Sometimes I have a strange interest in true crime stories, no matter how gory they may be. In my frenzy of "free instant video" shopping, I picked up an episode of "Haunted History" from H2 (More 2 History). It's a relatively new show, and the episode I got was about the Manson murders, which included a pregnant up and coming actress Sharon Tate. It warned that some of the scenes would be graphic. Whoa, even the dramatizations were pretty bloody. I only watched the first 15 minutes Wednesday night as it was pretty late. But I was mesmerized by the fact that Tate possibly "foresaw" her own murder. Apparently, a couple of those killed in the spree haunt a house on Cielo Drive in Hollywood, not to far away from the murder scene.

As I glance through the episode guide for "Haunted History," it has some interesting cases. For example, "Murder Castle" is about H.H. Holmes, who built a hotel designed for murder. I read about him in "Devil in the White City" by Erik Larsen. He's one cruel, crafty and evil fellow. There's one coming up about the Salem Witch Trials, and another episode is titled "Ghosts of Gettysburg." Makes for some informative, yet scary viewing.

On a lighter note, I finally watched "Magic Mike." I had to see what all the excitement was about. I had seen "The Full Monty" many moons ago and remember enjoying that immensely - one of my favorite lines is still "They've got gnomes!" Sure those guys may not have been the best looking blokes or in the greatest of shape, but they had heart and a bit of charisma. And there were various, humorous storylines to keep my interest.

So I'm watching a sort of true-to-life story of Channing Tatum. Mike is a guy who's dabbling in a lot of things - a mobile service, roofing and custom-made furniture. But he makes his bread and butter as a male stripper in Tampa. Matthew McConaughey is mildly amusing as the strip bar's owner, Dallas. When it comes to the actual shows during the movie, I'm busting out laughing. And I have no idea why. I'm sure I could appreciate the good-looking guys, but I'm just giggling like a schoolgirl. Tatum does have some great and athletic dance moves, I'll give him that (and he does all his own stuff). But at times, I thought Mike as a character was kind of a meathead. Eventually he became redeemable. Mike takes a 19-year-old Adam under his wing, and Adam is introduced into the world of male stripping. At first, he can't dance to save his life. Then there's the problems with drugs. And there's also Adam's sister, Brooke. Mike takes a liking to her, but she's not having it. Overall, it was an "alright" movie.

As for other handsome guys, I just picked up the book "Finding Colin Firth" by Mia March from the library. I read March's other novel "The Meryl Streep Movie Club"?and liked it a lot. But she can't go wrong with having Colin Firth mentioned in the title.



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