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SELIN: The annual of Marshall High School

May 28, 2013
By Ellayne Conyers , Marshall Independent

Part IV

Published by the Senior Class of 1916 Vol. II



"The Marshall High School basketball team was composed of the same players as the previous year, with the exception of Martin. The year before they had won five straight games, but lost out in the semi-finals with Madison. This year before they had won five straight games, but lost out in the semi-finals with Madison.

This year, having the same team back, the prospects were for winning the district championship. The team worked hard the whole season and tried their best to accomplish this end. After Marshall had won nine straight victories, the only contestants that were left in the race were Morton and Marshall in the southern part, and Willmar and Alexandria in the northern end. Marshall played Morton in the semi-finals, but as in the previous year, lost their chance for the championship.

However, the team did its best, having won nine out of ten games during the season, and are worthy of praise.

Nothing is as responsible for the success of the first team of a school as the second, or "scrub team." It is they who whip the regulars into winning form; it is they who are on the job every night giving the team practice, and accumulating bumps and bruises; it is they who keep the first team men fighting hard for fear of their positions; in short, they are the ones who unselfishly donate their time and take many knocks without getting much credit for it. They do this that the school team may thrive and become renowned in the field of sport. Their's is the true school spirit. Marshall was not lacking in true-spirited men such as these and there was a complete second team out each night to oppose the regulars.

Marshall also can be proud of its coach, Mr. Nelson, who spent much of his time in training the boys and keeping them in first-class condition. He also used his influence in interesting the student body to come out to the games. Much spirit was shown and there were many rooters out to each game. However, there might have been a better school representation at many of the games. 'Curley' Lefkovitz was cheer-leader, and between halves the yells and school songs helped pass the time and keep the enthusiasm high.

The prospects for the team of '16 '17 are as good or better than they were this year. Although the loss of Madden will be keenly felt, since he graduates this spring, still there are five other men who made their letters this year, and also Gray and Regnier, who are worthy of playing in the Marshall machine next season.


Marshall 44 Cottonwood 8

As soon as the last football game had been played, basketball practice was on. Arrangements were made with the school board to have the auditorium as a gymnasium. The floor was large enough to be of regulation size, with the baskets swung from the ceiling and braced to the wall with two-by-fours. There was a large number that tried out for the team, and out of the candidates, Mr. Nelson picked a first-class quintet, all veterans from the year previous. Cottonwood came to Marshall for the first game, their hopes high. Their hopes were soon shattered. The Marshall machine piled up the count. Madden and Jacobson each shot nine baskets, Strand and Peterson also ringing in a few.

Marshall 20 Walnut Grove 10

The next game was played at Walnut Grove, these two teams being fairly well matched. The game was nearly even at the end of the first half, but Marshall came back and outplayed their opponents in the second period. Peterson was injured during the game and McLaughlin substituted.

Marshall 17 Canby 6

The next game was to be played at Canby. As the high snow drifts were blocking the tracks, it seemed doubtful whether Marshall could get to its destination. Although it was ten o'clock in the night when Marshall got there, the game was played, ten minute halves being used to allow Marshall to catch the return train. Canby was no match for Marshall's alert players, but they fought gamily to the end.

Marshall 35 Belview 17

The game with Belview played at Marshall, also was easy for the local warriors. Belview did get a few baskets but Marshall had things pretty much as desired.

Marshall 14 Granite Falls 9

Granite Falls was Marshall's next victim. Although Jacobson, Marshall's star forward was out of the game, the rest of the machine was in good working order. Notwithstanding the low ceiling and the unwonted walls, Marshall shot many difficult baskets.

Marshall 16 Pipestone 15

The closest game of the year was played when Pipestone came to Marshall, confident of victory and backed by the reputation of being one of the most dangerous teams in the neighboring district. The score was a tie almost all the game, but Marshall made a spurt in the last few minutes and piled a lead that Pipestone could not cut down.

Marshall 25 Granite Falls 10

Granite Falls now wished revenge and came to Marshall seeking lost laurels, but disappointment was destined to be their's. Marshall out-played their opponents, using good team work all the time.

Marshall 32 Tracy 16

Tracy, the old rival of Marshall in days gone by when they used to have good football teams, played at Marshall next. They were hopelessly out-classed. Marshall ran up a big score the first half, but came back the next period too confident, and allowed Tracy to score eight points.

Marshall 26 Pipestone 19

Canby having called off a game, a return contest was scheduled with Pipestone. Jacobson was back in the game again for the first time in over a month. Marshall was in good condition and gave Pipestone a classier exhibition than in the game played at Marshall. During the first half, the score was even. Towards the last, Pipestone saw herself slipping, and, as a last resort, started to rough it. Marshall was ready for that style also and the attempt was useless.

Marshall 21 Morton 41

Marshall had now fought its way into the finals for the district championship, and a crack at the State Championship to be decided at Northfield. The semi-final game was played between Marshall and Morton. After about one minute of play, Strand shot the first basket for Marshall. Then Morton seemed to find their eyes, and their star, Baker, began to shoot in basket after basket. Marshall came back in the second half with 'blood in their eyes.' During this period Marshall was outnumbered in points, but not overwhelmingly. Morton was but five points better this half, but it was a fruitless attempt, though nobly fought, and Marshall lost its claim to the championship.


Marshall 250 Opponents - 151



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