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Recycling money

April 23, 2013
By Sharon Root , Marshall Independent

Lyon County recycling education coordinator

You know I've admitted it beforeI have a hard time remembering what I did five minutes ago let alone what I did days/weeks/months/years ago. So, when you start reading and you say to yourself, "Geez, she already told us about this," you'll understand how it happened and you can rest your eyes. I've been trying to weed out some of the sites I have in my favorites (I have about as much success at that as I do weeding the fattening/sugary/unhealthy stuff out of my daily cuisine!) and as usual, I always come across interesting tidbits that I want to share with you. Needless to say, that's the situation for our conversation today. When I come across a title like "Tile your home with recycled money," it naturally piques my interest, and albeit this particular article wasn't about recycling per se, it is about reusing an item for something other than its original purpose. To justify using money to tile a floor, I need to include what was stated at the beginning of the article. "Pennies are so useless as legal tender that there's a genuine debate about whether we should even keep them around. It wastes energy and resources to produce them, they're disproportionately costly to make (1.7 cents per one-cent coin!), and there's not a vending machine on Earth that will take them." With that said, along with the article was a picture of some folks installing a penny floor and one of the completed project. It is cool! For this particular floor it took about 40,000 pennies - $400 for the entire kitchen, plus glue and whatever they used for the backing. The dimensions of the floor weren't included, but I asked my co-worker to use his calculations skills to figure what the square footage would be40,000 pennies would cover approximately 156 square feet. That may not be a huge room, but I know I wouldn't have the patience to tile it with pennies. However, the article did say that, "if you don't have the patience for an entire floor, you could always just do your counter." My countertop is pretty old, so it could use a facelift of sorts. It isn't a lot counter space but considering I have very limited patience you won't be seeing it done in pennies - unless someone would do it for me. I could start collecting the pennies now. Ohif anybody has a lot of useless pennies they don't know what to do with, don't fret - I'll take them off your hands. I'm just that kind of helpful person!

Don't forget - the Household Hazardous Waste Facility accepts computers/monitors, TVs, printers, fax machines, VCRs and DVD players. Call the number listed below for fees charged/details.

Keep reducing, reusing, recycling and buying recycled! For info or if your club is interested in a presentation (free) regarding recycling/waste reduction and hazardous waste disposal, call the Lyon County Environmental Office at 532-8210.



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