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Area boys' basketball leaderboard

February 14, 2013
Marshall Independent

This is the sixth Independent boys' basketball leaderboard for the 2012-13 season. Coaches must email their updated statistics to sports editor Matt Dahlseid at by 6 p.m. each Wednesday for their players to be included in the leaderboard.

Total Points/Avg.
Neil Eichten, Wabasso506 / 23.0
Jeff DeCock, RRC424 / 21.2
Brett Peterson, RTR451 / 20.5
Joey Lee, D-B367 / 18.4
Nathaniel Huot, D-B355 / 17.7
Michael Lee, D-B352 / 17.6
Henry Rogotzke, RRC338 / 16.9
Dylan Tolk, Minneota256 / 16.0
Jordan Beck, Lincoln HI285 / 15.8
Alex Knutson, WWG271 / 15.1
Dylan Kor, RTR322 / 14.6
Parker Lanoue, TMB285 / 14.2
Taylor Lindaman, WWG250 / 13.9
Riley Sharbono, Marshall296 / 13.5
Grant Hennen, Minneota281 / 13.4
Dan Harrison, Minneota279 / 13.3
Jonah Dovre, Lakeview274 / 12.5
Michael Slaba, Canby262 / 12.5
Austin Saugstad, Marshall263 / 12.0
Tanner Bock, Wabasso263 / 12.0
Aaric Christenson, Minneota251 / 12.0
Shay Wabeke, RTR262 / 11.9
Derek Buysse, Marshall223 / 11.7
Spencer Larsen, Lakeview265 / 11.5
Cole Brusven, Canby235 / 11.2
Michael Sisk, Canby225 / 11.2
Brett Vercruysse, RTR246 / 11.2
Zach Nuy, Canby207 / 10.3
Derek Larsen, Lakeview233 / 10.1
Nate Pavek, Lincoln HI192 / 10.1
Total Rebounds/Avg.
Tanner Bock, Wabasso329 / 15.0
Jonah Dovre, Lakeview245 / 11.1
Henry Rogotzke, RRC197 / 9.9
Grant Hennen, Minneota206 / 9.8
Michael Lee, D-B182 / 9.1
Matt Zeug, Wabasso177 / 8.0
Dylan Kor, RTR174 / 7.9
Spencer Larsen, Lakeview167 / 7.3
Aaron Hass, WWG118 / 6.6
Joey Lee, D-B130 / 6.5
Jeff DeCock, RRC122 / 6.1
Aaron Mathiowetz, Marshall131 / 6.0
Michael Sisk, Canby120 / 6.0
Zach Nuy, Canby119 / 6.0
Brett Peterson, RTR120 / 5.5
Brett Vercruysse, RTR120 / 5.5
Seth Guetter, Wabasso120 / 5.5
Reed Bakken, WWG93 / 5.5
Kyler Collins, D-B102 / 5.1
Derek Larsen, Lakeview121
Jeff DeCock, RRC113
Joey Lee, D-B109
Brett Peterson, RTR107
Michael Slaba, Canby101
Dylan Kor, RTR78
Dylan Tolk, Minneota75
Nathaniel Huot, D-B74
Aaron Mathiowetz, Marshall70
Dan Harrison, Minneota69
Nate Stafki, Canby68
Austin Saugstad, Marshall68
Newt Dunblazier, RTR60
Cole Brusven, Canby59
Tanner Bukowski, Marshall59
Alec Swan, TMB59
Tyler Lange, Lakeview58
Andy Merrick, WWG55
Alex Knutson, WWG53
Aaric Christenson, Minneota52
Parker Lanoue, TMB49
Shay Wabeke, RTR48
Hunter Peterson, Marshall47
Damien Wallin, Lakeview43
Jeff Gladis, Lincoln HI43
Kristian Leppke, Canby41
Brett Peterson, RTR87
Joey Lee, D-B59
Shay Wabeke, RTR56
Nate Stafki, Canby52
Michael Slaba, Canby50
Neil Eichten, Wabasso49
Austin Saugstad, Marshall48
Tanner Bock, Wabasso48
Cole Brusven, Canby47
Dan Harrison, Minneota47
Derek Larsen, Lakeview43
Dylan Tolk, Minneota39
Jeff DeCock, RRC39
Hunter Peterson, Marshall38
Henry Rogotzke, RRC38
Nathaniel Huot, D-B36
Scott Jenniges, Wabasso35
Alex Knutson, WWG35
Spencer Larsen, Lakeview34
Austin Buysse, Minneota34
Tyler Lange, Lakeview33
Parker Lanoue, TMB33
Tanner Bukowski, Marshall32
Newt Dunblazier, RTR32
Michael Lee, D-B31
Kristian Leppke, Canby30
Aaron Mathiowetz, Marshall30
Jonah Dovre, Lakeview83
Henry Rogotzke, RRC45
Michael Lee, D-B35
Dylan Kor, RTR28
Seth Guetter, Wabasso16
Grant Hennen, Minneota15
Tanner Bock, Wabasso14
Michael Slaba, Canby13
Brett Peterson, RTR13
Newt Dunblazier, RTR13
Kristian Leppke, Canby11
Matt Zeug, Wabasso11
3-pointers Made
Nathaniel Huot, D-B68
Neil Eichten, Wabasso58
Cole Brusven, Canby52
Derek Larsen, Lakeview48
Parker Lanoue, TMB40
Jordan Beck, Lincoln HI37
Taylor Lindaman, WWG36
Austin Buysse, Minneota32
Dylan Tolk, Minneota31
Austin Price, RRC31
Michael Slaba, Canby28
Nate Stafki, Canby26
Joey Lee, D-B27
Alex Knutson, WWG27
Brian Fultz, TMB25
Seth Guetter, Wabasso24
Ryan Rybinski, Lincoln HI23
Derek Buysse, Marshall22
Brett Peterson, RTR22
Tyler Lange, Lakeview21
Hunter Peterson, Marshall21
Aaric Christenson, Minneota21
Michael Lee, D-B20
Max Horner, Lakeview20
Free Throws made-attempted (%)*
Taylor Lindaman, WWG78-90 (86.7)
Riley Sharbono, Marshall73-87 (83.9)
Seth Guetter, Wabasso33-40 (82.5)
Tanner Bukowski, Marshall47-57 (82.4)
Austin Buysse, Minneota37-47 (78.7)
Shay Wabeke, RTR58-74 (78.4)
Nathaniel Huot, D-B55-71 (77.5)
Zach Nuy, Canby27-35 (77.1)
Austin Saugstad, Marshall66-87 (75.8)
Brett Peterson, RTR65-87 (74.7)
Hunter Peterson, Marshall34-46 (73.9)
Neil Eichten, Wabasso94-128 (73.4)
Jeff DeCock, RRC112-159 (70.4)
Michael Slaba, Canby52-74 (70.3)
Henry Rogotzke, RRC66-94 (70.2)
Joey Lee, D-B54-77 (70.1)
*Minimum 25 attempts
Did Not Report: Elkton-Lake Benton, Murray County Central, Yellow Medicine East.



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