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Area girls' basketball leaderboard

February 2, 2013
Marshall Independent

This is the third Independent girls' basketball leaderboard for the 2012-13 season. Coaches must email their updated statistics to sports editor Matt Dahlseid at by 6 p.m. each Wednesday for their players to be included in the leaderboard.

Total Points/Avg.
Taylor Reiss, Minneota413 / 22.9
Paige Erickson, WWG330 / 19.4
Mari Lee, D-B252 / 14.0
Jenna Ness, MCC206 / 13.7
Justine Lee, D-B242 / 13.4
Corby Wee, Lakeview249 / 13.1
Emily Stienessen, Minneota225 / 12.5
Mindee VanDyke, E/LB185 / 11.6
Jade Giese, MCC172 / 11.5
Taylor Schreier, MCC161 / 10.7
Kaylie Nielsen, RTR174 / 10.2
Morgan Behrends, MCC152 / 10.1
Allison Boerboom, Lakeview189 / 9.9
Brianna Hoffman, Lakeview167 / 9.3
Leslie Willert, RTR158 / 9.3
Elizabeth Woelber, WWG158 / 9.3
Total Rebounds/Avg.
Paige Erickson, WWG180 / 10.6
Morgan Behrends, MCC148 / 9.9
Brianna Hoffman, Lakeview163 / 9.1
Taylor Reiss, Minneota145 / 8.1
Allison Boerboom, Lakeview148 / 7.8
Molly Hennen, Minneota136 / 7.6
Allison Pochardt, RTR109 / 7.3
Brooke Jaacks, E/LB114 / 7.1
Morgan Citterman, LHI99 / 7.1
Jenna Ness, MCC100 / 6.7
Kelsey Kinner, E/LB99 / 6.6
Haley Bose, MCC88 / 5.9
Leslie Willert, RTR91 / 5.4
Mari Lee, D-B96 / 5.3
Jade Giese, MCC77 / 5.1
Justine Lee, D-B118
Shelby Corbin, Minneota75
Molly Hennen, Minneota63
Elizabeth Woelber, WWG60
Katarina Kuhlmann, D-B59
Madi Nelson, Lakeview56
Paige Erickson, WWG54
Corbyn Wee, Lakeview51
Payton Boerboom, Minneota49
Brianna Hoffman, Lakeview41
Justine Possail, RTR41
Megan Larson, Minneota40
Taylor Schreier, MCC37
Gabby Kampmann, E/LB36
Jade Giese, MCC35
Emily Stienessen, Minneota33
Jenna Ness, MCC33
Allison Boerboom, Lakeview30
Justine Lee, D-B96
Shelby Corbin, Minneota59
Taylor Harming, E/LB57
Paige Erickson, WWG54
Gabby Kampmann, E/LB49
Taylor Reiss, Minneota49
Katarina Kuhlmann, D-B47
Emily Stienessen, Minneota44
Mari Lee, D-B43
Molly Hennen, Minneota40
Brooklyn Hartle, Lakeview37
Corbyn Wee, Lakeview37
Brianna Hoffman, Lakeview33
Megan Larson, Minneota33
Allison Boerboom, Lakeview32
Justine Flattum, D-B30
Heidi Pavek, LHI30
Haley Bose, MCC30
Destine Strand, RTR30
Brianna Hoffman, Lakeview36
Gabby Kampmann, E/LB26
Morgan Behrends, MCC21
Dayna Comnick, WWG18
Allison Boerboom, Lakeview17
Paige Erickson, WWG16
Allison Pochardt, RTR13
Mari Lee, D-B12
Emily Stienessen, Minneota11
Justine Lee, D-B10
Nicole Jurgenson, D-B9
Taylor Reiss, Minneota9
3-pointers Made
Emily Stienessen, Minneota33
Justine Lee, D-B27
Corbyn Wee, Lakeview25
Elizabeth Woelber, WWG18
Dayna Comnick, WWG18
Katarina Kuhlmann, D-B15
Molly Hennen, Minneota15
Madi Nelson, Lakeview14
Destinee Strand, RTR14
Megan Larson, Minneota13
KaLea DeSmet, LHI12
Alex DeSmet, LHI12
Paige Erickson, WWG12
Mari Lee, D-B10
Leslie Willert, RTR10
Free Throws made-attempted (%)*
Paige Erickson, WWG84-102 (82.4)
Molly Hennen, Minneota46-60 (76.7)
Jenna Ness, MCC53-71 (74.6)
Mari Lee, D-B44-59 (74.6)
Emily Stienessen, Minneota32-45 (71.1)
Abby Herding, WWG36-52 (69.2)
Elizabeth Woelber, WWG62-93 (66.7)
Dana Schaefer, RTR18-27 (66.7)
Justine Lee, D-B33-50 (66.0)
Mindee VanDyke, E/LB36-55 (65.5)
Gabby Kampmann, E/LB45-73 (61.6)
Corbyn Wee, Lakeview68-113 (60.1)
Dayna Comnick, WWG12-20 (60.0)
*Minimum 20 attempts
Did Not Report: Canby, Marshall, Red Rock Central, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton, Yellow Medicine East.



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