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Winter’s snowy arrival

December 15, 2012
By Cindy Votruba , Marshall Independent

Even though I was hoping for another mild, low snow winter, I knew it probably wouldn't happen two years in a row. And as I gaze at the curtain of icicles outside my window, I know it's gonna be a long winter.

Well at least December is halfway done. But January has a reputation of having those dreaded -40 windchills and the occasional snowfall of 5+ inches. Not something I look forward to.

And so winter officially entered in last Friday with the couple, three inches that fell and caused a bit of a nuisance when driving home. And it was finally time to break in the scraper, and oh, of course, the four-wheel drive. I had the day off on Friday. The first trip I took down Main Street wasn't bad as the snow had just started to fall. The second time I went, around 1 p.m., I was slipping and sliding and darned near went through an intersection. It's time to get my snow driving on (which I tend to lack at times). So on went the 4WD.

Saturday morning found me bundled up on Independence Park's sledding hill. Instead of what I was going to cover (live nativity at Shetek), I did a snow story. That way I didn't have to go out of town. And sure enough, there were plenty of people out there. Little did we all know how much snow would fall in the next day and a half. Later in the day I noticed that our weather was upgraded to a blizzard. GreatI managed to get to the Madrigal dinner at Marshall High School. By then I wasn't too motivated to cook, so it was mosey on down to the Hunan Lion for drunken noodles to settle in for a night of season 2 of "Mike and Molly" intermixed with some "Downton Abbey."

Sunday morning wasn't too terrible as I managed to drive to work. I figured I'd go for my every other Sunday chicken sub at Subway for lunch. As the day wore on and I couldn't see across the street, my lunch plans changed. I went across the street to the Nickel for a cheeseburger and fries and just traipsing there took effort. The snow was halfway to my knees, the wind was howling and the combination code to the back door became frozen. A book I read for book club a couple of years ago - "The Children's Blizzard" - came to mind. It's about the January 1888 blizzard that hit on what started out as a nice warm day. But Sunday only started out at 30 degrees and there was already snow on the ground. I wasn't walking however many miles home from school, but it was bitterly cold, especially with the wind.

And so I left my Jeep in the Independent's parking lot Sunday night into Monday because I didn't want to get plowed in and have to shovel. Plus I wanted the sides of the street cleared out before I parked in front of my apartment. And by the time I got home on Monday night, it wasn't too bad.

But when I went to use my scraper Tuesday morning, I noticed that a couple of pieces had broken off, thanks to my vigorous cleaning of my windshield. And I like this scraper. It has a long enough handle that a short person like me can almost reach over my hood to scrape off the ice and snow off.

And now there's a wintry mix for today. Spring can't come soon enough...



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