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What better time to give thanks

November 22, 2012
Marshall Independent

When you looked out your window today, you probably saw the same scene you see every day: neighbors getting their mail, that dog that always seems to get loose sniffing around, kids playing across the street. In some places in this country, the scene is not so idyllic. People on the East Coast are still picking up pieces of their lives, weeks after Superstorm Sandy.

As you look out that window on this Thanksgiving day and you see the sun shining and wonder how warm it will actually get, it's important to stop for a minute, count your blessings and realize all you have to be thankful for.

If you need some inspiration, here's a start:

1. Be thankful for your health, and if it's not good right now, for the medicine you take and for the people who look after you.

2. Be thankful for your parents, and if you've lost them, take some time to reflect on the impact they made in your life.

3. Be thankful for your children, and if you have none, be thankful for youth in general. They keep us young.

4. Be thankful for your job, even if you don't like going there everyday, and if you don't have one, for the opportunities that are always out there.

5. Be thankful for your church, and if you haven't been there in years, it's time to go. Your church is the one place where your presence is always welcome, even if no one knows your name.

6. Be thankful for your friends, and if you don't have any, see No. 5.

7. Be thankful for your siblings, and if you were an only child, be thankful for your penchant to meet new people.

8. Be thankful for our teachers, policemen and policewomen, firefighters, EMTs, and servicemen and servicewomen - past and present - and if you haven't personally thanked one yet, it's time to do so.

9. Be thankful for groups that provide basic but needed services in your community, and if you don't use these, give to the groups that provide them.

10. Finally, be thankful you're alive, able to read this, whether you're holding the paper or scrolling online. We take a lot for granted in our lives - God, our family and friends, our health - and what better day to stop for a minute and think about all you have and all you can give.



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