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Short takes for Nov. 2

November 2, 2012
Marshall Independent

Lincoln HI?students assist in Arco

THUMBS UP: In another sign of helping hands lifting someone up, students from Lincoln HI this week flooded the Arco corn field of Wayne and Darlene Schreurs, picking up fallen corn and after a field fire in October as part of a community service project/fundraiser. The kids walked the field and put the corn in five-gallon buckets. The school's FFA chapter organized the students. Well done.

Get out the vote

THUMBS UP: With so much riding on this year's election, we strongly encourage everyone reading this to vote Tuesday. What's at stake? Obviously, we will be electing the leader of the free world, not to mention U.S. and state senators and representatives, local government officials and school board members, but this year's ballot, as we all know, contains two important proposed amendments to the state's Constitution. It doesn't matter if you're for or against the use of constitutional amendments as a way of shaping our state laws, the fact of the matter is the marriage and Voter ID issues have been left in your hands. There's also a very important local vote to be made on the local sales tax option in Marshall. So make your voice heard Tuesday - remember, as they always say: If you don't vote, don't complain.

Community watch meetings good, but more needs to be done

THUMBS UP: It was good to see 100 or so Marshall residents show up for Monday night's community watch meeting - there were also meetings Tuesday and Thursday - that took place in light of the recent crime spree. The meetings gave residents the opportunity to learn about things they can do to deter crime in their neighborhood and gave the police force the chance to explain what it does and the difficulties it faces when trying to solve crimes. But it can't stop there. Marshallites need to not only take what they learned from the meetings and apply it to their routine, they also must be vigilant and work together to help the cops, and themselves. Remember, you live in a growing community with a rising population, and the bigger the city, the more potential there is for crime. Just because a city grows, don't assume its police force grows with it. We can't wait for another rash of burglaries to do something, and meetings alone won't curb thievery. Get those neighborhood watch programs set up and stick to them. The more residents can do, the better off they all will be.



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