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Obamacare and insurance

October 30, 2012
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

In a recent letter to the Independent, Susan Hoff explains that she is a conservative who believes in freedom and cannot understand why liberals want to give up their freedom.

She suggests that liberals want to avoid personal responsibility and have "Big Government" take care of them.

She even implies that our country was founded on the principle of avoiding tyranny and "Big Government."

I always thought the American Revolution was fought over taxation without representation, but I might be wrong. Did the patriots revolt because King George III was plotting environmental regulation and universal health care?

Let's come back to the reality of here and now. Susan wants to make choices about her life, including her health care decisions. This seems very reasonable to me, even though I'm a bit of a liberal. But how many of us actually got to make these decisions before Obamacare? I don't know about Susan, but I get my health insurance from my employer, and my insurance company tells me what doctors and clinics are covered by my plan. I consider myself lucky though, because I know people who are unable to get insurance.

Sure, they are free to try to get health care. If they can actually get the care they need, then they are free to go bankrupt paying the bills. Our health care system has become a complicated mess of ever increasing costs, which can run into thousands of dollars for only a few days in the hospital.

All of this needs to be fixed, and Obamacare is a step in this direction, if admittedly an imperfect one. Let's not fool ourselves by saying the choice is either freedom or tyranny.

There is no way I can explain the Affordable Health Care Act in this letter, and I urge you to get further information from official government websites and reputable news sources. I will say, however, that Obamacare is about increasing access to healthcare.

It will not replace your personal plan, whatever that may be. One thing Obamacare does is extend dependent coverage to age 26.

It also keeps people from being kicked off their plans or disqualified for preexisting conditions. In the past, I've been disqualified from getting insurance for a pre-existing condition and I sure didn't feel like I had a lot of freedom in that situation.

Since we are on the topic of freedom, I'd like to remind everyone to vote no on the coming constitutional amendment to limit the freedom of all Minnesotans to get married. Unlike the complexity of our health care laws, this vote is a clear choice of freedom versus tyranny.

Corey Butler




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