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Freedom and tyranny

October 24, 2012
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

Fellow Voters, I am a conservative. I am trying to understand the thinking of the liberal voter. I expect that someone out there can help me.

I begin with the concept of freedom and how it is used and perceived. Freedom to make personal decisions was important to the founders of the U.S. and much blood has been spent to retain that freedom. At that beginning hour of our national history, there was an appreciation for freedom of the individual and a hatred of tyranny (very Big government which also carried authority to punish severely those opposing its unlimited power).

I like freedom. I like being able to listen to free speech, to worship freely the God that I know. I like to choose all of the stuff of my life including making my own health care decisions. I really like being able to go after the things I value and am gifted in for my daily work. Ah, freedom is so edifying to my person!

Now, help me where I am going wrong. Is this your argument? Freedom may entail a heavy load of personal responsibility, this is true, and maybe I will fail with freedom. Maybe I don't need to decide about my own health care. Someone else could know better, after all. Maybe if I give the government some of my freedom, I'll be safer because I will get a check in the mail, and I can relax about making so many decisions. Or, even better, maybe I can enter government and make decisions for others who are willing to forfeit their freedom. I'm really smart, after all, and could easily tell you what is best for you. Am I getting it, Liberal?

I ask you, Voter, consider how you value freedom and the risks it entails, along with the phantom benefits and fleeting security of handouts from Big government. Such a short benefit at such huge cost ... your personal freedoms! Oh bit by bit, for sure, but the cost is real.

Liberals, who want ever-growing government to make your life easier, doesn't it also make your life ... smaller?

I choose the joy of success and the lessons of failure to living a life designed for me by others.

I am a conservative voter, and Mitt Romney is, too.

Susan Hoff




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