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Area football leaderboard

October 23, 2012
Marshall Independent

Stats through regular season

NOTE: This is the fifth football leaderboard of the season. The next leaderboard will be released following the state football tournament. Coaches must email their final stats into sports editor Matt Dahlseid at at the conclusion of their season to be included in the final leaderboard.

Wyatt Kraus, Canby2291,8918.320
Justin Lee, D-B1401,0437.415
Jeff Gladis, M/LHI1471,0166.913
Colton Citrowske, Marshall1059559.19
Blake Altermatt, Wabasso1869425.15
Rhett Struve, Marshall8092411.614
Dana Madson, WWG1287005.59
Mitchell Schroepfer, RRC1175995.15
Alec Swan, TMB1255904.75
Shay Wabeke, RTR1125274.76
Garth Ochsendorf, D-B554478.14
Andy Merrick, WWG613886.41
Parker Lanoue, TMB1203613.07
TJ Fulton, Wabasso393358.64
Michael Anyasike, D-B333009.14
Cody St. Aubin, Lakeview753004.02
Parker Lanoue, TMB124-1961,695207
Austin Buysse, M/LHI111-1881,387148
Joey Lee, D-B65-86936122
Michael Sisk, Canby49-11584093
John Elzenga, WWG62-122826127
Austin Saugstad, Marshall38-6974492
Neil Eichten, Wabasso63-118714713
Shay Wabeke, RTR27-10040316
Taylor Pickthorn, Lakeview38-125309112
Jeff DeCock, RRC2653120.48
Isaac Josephson, M/LHI4049312.36
Nathaniel Huot, D-B2949016.93
Michael Slaba, Canby2747717.76
Alec Swan, TMB2942214.64
Josh Kirk, TMB3336511.14
Austin Gleis, TMB2233615.36
Michael Lee, D-B1932717.27
Levi Bunting, WWG1829716.54
Dana Madson, WWG2128913.84
Alec Engler, M/LHI2427311.43
Blake Altermatt, Wabasso2325611.12
Brian Fultz, TMB1125623.33
Tanner Cirks, Marshall1224120.14
Jordan Beck, M/LHI2124011.41
Zach Seaton, TMB2223910.93
Aaron Mathiowetz, Marshall1121919.92
Dana Madson, WWG105
Tate Citrowske, Canby88
Austin Peterson, TMB79
Logan Weis, WWG78
Brett Vercruysse, RTR75
Cole Hennen, M/LHI72
Matt Zeug, Wabasso71
Austin Campbell, Canby68
Garth Ochsendorf, D-B68
Henry Rogotzke, RRC68
Shane Buchman, WWG66
Jordan Schroepfer, RRC65
Levi Bunting, WWG65
Dalton Taylor, Wabasso64
David Noyes, M/LHI63
Tanner Rohlik, Wabasso62
Austen Bouvette, Canby60
Alec Swan, TMB57
Jeff DeCock, RRC55
Wyatt Kraus, Canby54
Spencer Larsen, Lakeview53
Isaac Josephson, M/LHI53
Mitchell Schroepfer, RRC53
Campbell Hofstetter, Marshall52
Mike Nilius, TMB52
Caleb Salfer, Wabasso52
Alex Werner, Marshall51
Matt Otto, WWG51
Nathan Pavek, M/LHI50
Shay Wabeke, RTR50
Matt Zeug, Wabasso9
Brandon Schmitt, D-B8.5
Daniel Harrison, M/LHI8.5
Levi Bunting, WWG8
Alex Werner, Marshall6
Corey Castell, Canby5
Newt Dunblazier, RTR5
Cole Brand, Wabasso5
Spencer Larsen, Lakeview4
Campbell Hofstetter, Marshall4
Justin Hively, RTR4
Justin Lee, D-B3.5
Isaac Josephson, M/LHI3.5
Keith Abraham, D-B3
William Dunblazier, RTR3
Josh Kirk, TMB3
Tyler Schoborg, WWG3
Jeff DeCock, RRC5
Michael Lee, D-B4
Casey Engen, RRC4
Michael Sisk, Canby3
Michael Slaba, Canby2
Leo Zerr, Marshall2
Jordan Beck, M/LHI2
Nathan Pavek, M/LHI2
Dylan Kor, RTR2
Ty Thooft, RTR2
Brett Vercruysse, RTR2
Shay Wabeke, RTR2
Austin Gleis, TMB2
Blake Altermatt, Wabasso2
Dana Madson, WWG2
Tristan Joel, WWG2
Did Not Report: Murray County Central, Yellow Medicine East.



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