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Agents on board with November vote

October 5, 2012
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

We, as local insurance agents in this community, are writing a letter of support for the upcoming vote in November regarding the MERIT center and Amateur Sports Facility. For those of you who do not know what the MERIT center does, please allow us to explain from our perspective. This facility is a training arena for several entities in our community such as fire fighters, police, SWAT, ambulance, bus and truck, etc. What the "YES" vote would do for us is allow the expansion for this site to add several amenities, but the most important to us is an educational driving track. Offering the best opportunity for our youth to learn safe driving skills is at the heart of this expansion. Sixty percent of all teens nationwide will be involved in an automobile accident within 12 months of getting their license.

With that in mind we all realize that insurance rates are based heavily on driving records. We also would like to mention the costs of injuries that could be saved. The leading cause of death for teens is car crashes. Insurance companies also offer discounts for our senior drivers. This will be the new facility where you will get your Defensive Driving Discount. A few dollars every year in sales tax could put many dollars back in your pocket.

Many people do not realize that every city with a fire department gets a "fire rating number." Insurance companies use that number in determining what to charge for homeowners insurance. Our local fire department has one of the best ratings allowed because, as a city, we back our fire department and they take advantage of the current MERIT center training facility.

Once funded and in place, the MERIT center will be able to generate enough revenue through its offerings and sessions to maintain its needs for many years.

Please consider a "YES" vote in November to help our citizens and so many more in our community. This vote may not be able to be measured tangibly, but knowing that many families may be spared a "life altering" situation is well worth voting "YES."

Charlie Aufenthie

Chuck Fennell

Cal Jeremiason

Rick Ramert

Randy Wewetzer

Ben Wiener

Darrel Wiener



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