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There for the animals

September 25, 2012
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

Back in early April of this year, your newspaper was kind enough to do an article about me and the animal rescue which I operate, and for that I am grateful. Since the running of that story, I have gotten a variety of comments about it. While a few were from some very kind and caring people who took the time to understand its message and sent a donation of pet food or money to help me out, others weren't so kind and they sent me letters of scorn and shame thinking I was some kind of beggar looking for a handout. There's also been a number of times when I've felt and still feel that many people just flat out don't care and they go on with their lives with no concern either way.

First off, I would like to set the record straight. I'm a man who for the last eight years now has done the job of many, even though I'm the only one here doing it. Unlike many shelters and most rescues, I don't receive any grants, funding or have volunteers to help me out, yet I have managed to save, care for, retrain and find good, new, loving homes for 1,850 dogs, puppies, cats and kittens who would have otherwise not gotten that from anyone else.

They would have been like the millions who in the past and still yet today lose their lives because not enough people seem to care. I have seen and dealt with first hand such severe cases of abuse and starvation, it would sicken most people and leave even more having constant nightmares.

Who else do you know who would for six weeks straight wake up every two hours and bottle-feed a newborn litter of puppies or kittens, because someone threw them in a dumpster to die, instead of caring for them? Who else would stay up for three days straight caring for a dog that some kids thought it would be fun to shot 73 times with a pellet gun? I have. I take on the cases that nobody else could or would.

So many times I've been told by the so-called experts or the veterinarians with their years of school or experience that an animal can't be saved or isn't worth the expense of saving, and must be euthanized. And 99 percent of the time I prove them all wrong. So you see, I am in no way lazy nor am I a quitter.

And as far as me being a beggar, don't even begin to get me started.

I'm just a person who deeply cares and needs help so I can pass that help on to others in need.

Charles Schmidt




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