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Area volleyball leaderboard

September 20, 2012
Marshall Independent

Stats through Sept. 19

NOTE: This is the first volleyball leaderboard of the season. Coaches must email their stats into sports editor Matt Dahlseid at each week by 5 p.m. Wednesday to be included in the leaderboard.

Kills (per set/total)
Kenzie Beekman, Marshall5.4/162
Taylor Reiss, Minneota5.0/232
Taylor Gorder, Canby5.0/198
Mari Lee, D-B4.0/103*
Paige Erickson, WWG3.1/136
Tegan VanMoer, Lakeview3.0/129
Molly Hennen, Minneota3.0/136
Chelsey Guetter, Wabasso2.7/82
Dayna Comnick, WWG2.5/110
Sydney Griffin, Marshall2.5/76
Brianna Hoffman, Lakeview2.1/91
Hailey Osland, WWG2.0/89
Alli Boerboom, Lakeview2.0/77
Katie Larsen, RRC2.0/63
Chloe Arfsten, RRC2.0/43
Fern Engen, RRC1.8/56
Desi Kramer, Wabasso1.8/53
Kimberly Frank, Wabasso1.7/51
Justine Lee, D-B1.7/43*
Kelly Husby, D-B1.6/41*
Ricki Kallhoff, Canby1.5/49
Service Aces
Abby Herding, WWG28
Taylor Gorder, Canby23
Hannah Jessen, Canby23
Katarina Kuhlmann, D-B21*
Dayna Comnick, WWG21
Desi Kramer, Wabasso20
Kimberly Frank, Wabasso20
Paige Erickson, WWG20
Alli Boerboom, Lakeview19
Briatta Bunjter, Lakeview19
Karissa Bot, Minneota19
Dani Kontz, Canby16
Kelsi Wahl, WWG16
Madi Nelson, Lakeview15
Angela Tauer, Marshall15
Kylie Schuelke, D-B14*
Chelsey Guetter, Wabasso14
Hannah Jessen, Canby206
Molly Hennen, Minneota184
Hannah Bennett, Marshall150
Hailey Matthys, Lakeview149
Shelby Corbin, Minneota144
Taylor Reiss, Minneota134
Taylor Gorder, Canby121
Tegan VanMoer, Lakeview121
Megan Larson, Minneota118
Dayna Comnick, WWG118
Brooke Rasmussen, RRC117
Hailey Osland, WWG116
Briatta Buntjer, Lakeview99
Faith Laleman, Minneota98
Ace Blocks
Hanna Prellwitz, Minneota35
Hailey Osland, WWG32
Brianna Hoffman, Lakeview30
Alayna Pederson, Canby29
Taylor Reiss, Minneota28
Ricki Kallhoff, Canby26
Callie Graff, Marshall24
Fern Engen, RRC24
Katie Larsen, RRC22
Chelsey Guetter, Wabasso21
Morgan Frank, Wabasso19
Madison Takle, WWG19
Sydney Griffin, Marshall19
Kimberly Frank, Wabasso18
Kenzie Beekman, Marshall15
Emma Doyle, Marshall15
Set Assists
Megan Larson, Minneota435
Abby Herding, WWG334
Kristy Schmidt, Canby330
Kana Barker, Lakeview166
Kimberly Frank, Marshall155
Sydney Griffin, Marshall150
Rachel Sanow, Marshall134
Justine Flattum, D-B127*
Mikaela Smith, RRC111
Tegan Derickson, RRC99
Andrea Lee, D-B98*
Madi Nelson, Lakeview85
Larissa Rohlik, Wabasso83
Did Not Report: Yellow Medicine East, Murray County Central, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton, Russell-Tyler-Ruthton.
(*) Dawson-Boyd’s stats through Sept. 13.



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