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No to God, and you belong to government

September 11, 2012
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

Did anybody else watch the Democratic Convention last week? If you did, I hope your as abhorred as the rest of us.

Do you think we, the taxpayer should be paying for "abortion on demand" (which means at any term in the pregnancy), infanticide (if the child survives the abortion, it is then euthanized), abortifacients, and all forms of birth control, also including sex transformations.

Democrats do!

On Tuesday they voted "God, and Jerusalem as the Capital" out of their platform. On Wednesday, after horrendous criticism, they had to take the vote three times to finally decide to put God back in.

Franklin Grahm, Chuck Norris and many, many more are warning Americans of the repercussions of these actions.

I see "God Bless America" signs all over this country, but my question is, "Why, why should He when we let atrocities happen like mentioned above?"

Do you belong to the government? Democrats think so. Our Constitution says government belongs to the people, we the people, decide what government does and doesn't do!

The $16 trillion federal deficit was not addressed. Unemployment was not; however sex and spending were.

When you vote for a Democrat such as Klobuchar, Peterson, Franken, Dayton etc... You are also placing a vote for this platform!

That's the bottom line people, and you wonder why this country is in the shape it's in!

Sincerely hoping people wake up and start getting involved. Nov. 7th is too late.

Rhonda Tubbs




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