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Faith in action for Aug. 24

August 24, 2012
By the Rev. Paul Wolf , Marshall Independent

Holy Redeemer Church

Sacraments -?time for a look at our faith journey

As parents, as states in the rite of baptism, we are the first and primary teachers in our children's faith. As parents we seek the guidance and direction of the church through educational programs and resources to aid our own knowledge to hand on this faith. Holy Redeemer School, in its mission, seeks to aid parents in their raising of their child to be a well-rounded child. Another of our programs at Holy Redeemer is the faith formation program, a solid and well-formulated program of instruction and faith sharing to instruct our children. In this journey of faith development, the sacraments are an exciting time in our children's faith journey as they learn and deepen their faith.

Each year, students are prepared for first reconciliation and First Communion (normally in second grade). At the parent meetings, the parents are given support and materials to work with their child, to prepare them for the sacrament. This is in addition to the information taught during faith formation class.

Grades 9-11 prepare for confirmation during a three-year process. This year we are using a new confirmation program called Oneight. It meets Sunday evenings after the teen Mass. The dates vary by grade so be sure to check the faith formation handbook.

The sacrament schedule is as follows: Dec. 1 reconciliation retreat, 8:30-11 a.m., April 28 - First Communion, 10 a.m. Mass, and March 3 confirmation, 10 a.m. Mass

We are the witnesses, mentors, and instructors to our children. Our words, actions and examples will teach our children. A challenge for each of us, and especially parents: take a look at your own faith and see how your examples influence our children. Do we show them who Jesus is in our lives? Do we read about God's unfolding message in the Bible? Do we take them to Mass or services on Sundays and pray with a community of believers? Do we pray with them daily? Do we do service projects to help others? How can we help our child/children on their faith journey?

As a parish, we can pray for all of our families as they prepare for these special sacraments.



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