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The fight for survival

Many challenges awaited couples at the Porter Harvest Festival ‘Survivor’ game

August 20, 2012
By Deb Gau , Marshall Independent

PORTER - A small crowd had gathered near the Porter Community Hall on Saturday afternoon, in the same spot where the children's carnival had just finished packing up for the day. Now it was the grownups' turn to have a little fun.

Angie Hulzebos, Becky Noyes, Jill Grengs and Eric Dybsetter sat in folding chairs lined up on the lawn, each of them wearing a shower cap crowned with a mess of shaving cream. Contest judges handed out plastic bags filled with cheese puffs to the competitors' partners while the rules were explained: before time is called, toss as many puffs onto the shaving cream as you can.

After a few frantic seconds, three couples were safe for the next round of Porter Survivor. Adam Grengs shared his strategy.

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Photos by Deb Gau
Competitors in this year’s Porter Survivor lined up for a challenge on Saturday afternoon. Contestants Jessica and Eric Dybsetter, Tom and Becky Noyes, Nathan and Angie Hulzebos and Adam and Jill Grengs had a time limit to cover their spouses’ heads with shaving cream and toss the most cheese puffs onto their respective “targets.”

"Don't worry about throwing hard, just aim. It's all in the flick of the wrist," Grengs said. However, as time ran out, he and other contestants gave up on aiming and just tossed all the remaining ammunition.

The goofiness was all part of the game. A total of five local couples, including Eric and Jessica Dybsetter, Tom and Becky Noyes, Nathan and Angie Hulzebos, Adam and Jill Grengs and Kim Jelen and Ryan Yost, competed for a chance at the trophy and the title of "Survivor" during Porter's Harvest Festival this weekend. It was the third annual Porter Survivor event.

Competitions ranging from quizzes testing contestants' knowledge of Porter history to stranger stunts were held throughout the Harvest Festival. Couples who successfully completed their tasks earned points that helped them advance to the next round, while those with the lowest scores were eliminated.

Being chosen to compete in Porter Survivor was a little nerve-wracking for some contestants. There was no way to know exactly what kind of things they'd be asked to do, Becky Noyes said.

"I wish they would give us a little hint," she said, but the surprise was all part of the game.

Jessica Dybsetter said seeing last year's Survivor events made her a little nervous at first.

"Last year they did food challenges," she said. "So last night, I didn't eat any food because I was afraid they were gonna have us eat something nasty."

Fortunately for Dybsetter, Friday night's task was something completely different. Couples needed to use their coordination to run the bases at the Porter softball diamond while they shared the same pair of sweatpants.

"It was a little easier than a three-legged race, because we each had a leg of the pants," Eric Dybsetter said.

At the end of the festival, only one couple would be victorious. But contestants Saturday said they were having a good time.

"It's fun. And that's what the weekend is about, having fun," Adam Grengs said.



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