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Short takes for July 20

July 20, 2012
Marshall Independent

Safety on Highway 23

THUMBS UP: It became clear this week that Lyon County continues to pay close attention to safety issues along Minnesota Highway 23, and it's good to know the county board's concerns aren't limited to the Lyon County Road 30 intersection. The board this week discussed a proposed contract with MnDOT to install a warning and lighting system at that intersection, similar to the displays already up at the 23/7 intersection. Of course those two intersections do pose safety concerns, but this is an issue that stretches all the way to Cottonwood, as there have been two highway fatalities near that city already this year. The county and MnDOT need to continue to work together to improve safety - not just near Marshall, but to the north as well - but we wonder if lights and signals are enough. How about a proposal that would take the speed limit down a notch as traffic moves closer to the cities along the highway?

Text scam

THUMBS DOWN: The popularity of texting has grown massively the last couple of years - that's a good and a bad thing. While texting does serve a purpose as far as allowing people to communicate quickly, it has become a dangerous tool when used improperly. Texting has been blamed for highway crashes when drivers think they can text while behind the wheel, and more reports are surfacing about fake texts that are being sent to cell phone users that tell them there's a warrant out for their arrest and claiming they could pay $500 to quash the warrant. Be aware. Courts do not use texting or emailing in doing their business. This is another ruse, much like the one that circulated seven years ago about Minnesotans failing to show up for jury duty - a scam to garner information like Social Security and credit card numbers. If you get any text that comes from the "courts," contact your local law enforcement.

Dayton slip

THUMBS DOWN: Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton made a tremendous gaffe this week when he compared pro football players to returning war veterans. Dayton was defending Vikings running back Adrian Peterson who got into a scuffle at a nightclub recently and told Minnesota Public Radio in an interview Tuesday that football was "basically slightly civilized war" and said football players "take that into society, much as soldiers come back, and they've been in combat or the edge of it and then suddenly that adjustment back to civilian life is a real challenge." What? The governor apologized Thursday, saying he didn't mean to compare an NFL player's problems to what war veterans experience. He's right to apologize. There is no comparison between people who become millionaires by playing a game and then make foolish mistakes and the men and women who put their lives on the line thousands of miles away from their family and friends to defend our country.

Hockey coach hired

THUMBS UP: We're glad to see the boys hockey coach vacancy filled and wish the Tigers' new coach Dave Coudert the best of luck. Coudert has coached at the Bantam level in Marshall for three years, so his foot is clearly in the door, and he appears to be a good fit for the program.

Fun Run turns 20

THUMBS UP: Look for a feature in Saturday's paper on the Toys 4 Tots Fun Run, which will hit the highways for the 20th year next weekend. The Fun Run has brought in and distributed countless number of toys to numerous groups all over the region. Because the Run is in July every year, many people forget how much this group does by the time the Christmas season rolls around. A lot of work goes into the planning of this event, and anyone involved in that planning should be commended.

Drought relief coming from D.C.?

THUMBS UP: The Obama administration this week looked to Congress to help farmers all over the Midwest cope with the worst drought in more than two decades. We hope our local representatives make this a top priority in the coming weeks, because the way it looks now, there's little relief from Mother Nature in sight.



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