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Saddened by fate of Redwood Street houses

July 10, 2012
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

I've been sick to my stomach all day. Ever since I read the small article on page 3 of today's paper about the 3 historical houses on Redwood Street being torn down. I've been fuming all day, just plain angry, trying to think "what I can write about this? How can we stop this?"

By the time my workday was over and I came home... stopped by the houses to take several pictures, I realize that I'm not as angry as I was to begin with, just sad, very very sad.

Sad that any one person, any business, let alone a church, could possibly think of tearing these historical landmarks down to put up a parking lot!

Sad that Schwan's let Lenny Pippin go before the incredible dream he had on those properties was completed.

Sad that no one with vision, and yes, money, was willing to take on the task of bringing any of these incredible homes back to their glory.

Sad that the city and the Lyon County Historical Society aren't trying to stop this.

Sad that my lofty dreams of ever owning the middle house will be demolished along with them, even if I always knew that dream would never come true due to financial reasons.

Just very sad.

Does anyone in Marshall know how to stop this? Are any of these houses on the National Registry of Historic Homes? Is it too late?

A final plea to Wesley United Methodist Church... Please, please.. if you must tear some down, couldn't you spare the middle one? That house is probably the most architecturally beautiful house in all of Marshall, possibly Lyon County. You said you were working with Schwan's and the historical society to "salvage any items of historical value." Think about what you just said.


Steven Smisek




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