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Here's a thought for June 29

June 29, 2012
By the Rev. Matt Peterson , Marshall Independent

St. Stephen Lutheran Church

Do you ever have those days where you just keep getting interrupted, and it seems like you never get a chance to complete the goals you had for the day? These days can leave us feeling frustrated, worn out, and put upon. Yet, what if God is trying to tell us something through these interruptions?

Jesus' entire ministry was filled with interruptions: Children trying to mob him while he taught, a woman grabbing the hem of his garment in a crowd, a storm coming up while he's trying to catch some rest in a boat -it's interruption, after interruption, after interruption. You might say that Jesus' ministry was a ministry of interruption.

Interruptions are those things that happen to us when we have plans, but God has other plans. These God-moments happen even when we're not ready. In fact, they happen especially when we're not ready. We should be on the lookout for these interruptions, these God-moments, and take advantage of them when they happen.

Our lives are full of interruptions. Jesus' ministry happened in the interruptions that faced him. What if the same is true for us? What if it is in those moments that God's agenda pushes ours out of the way, that grace and healing happen? What if it is in the interruptions that wholeness and transformation are offered?

Henri Nouwen, a priest and writer whose books have inspired millions of people, once wrote, "My whole life I've been complaining that my work was constantly interrupted, until I discovered that my interruptions were my work. The interruptions are what I'm here for." What if it's what we are all here for? What if it is the interruptions themselves, the breaking-in of others' lives into our own, what if it is those moments that are our openings to the God-moments?

What if it is at these moments that grace and healing happen? What if it is in these interruptions that miracles happen, and life is truly lived?

God grant to each of us, the grace to be interrupted.



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