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Funny, I?don’t feel like 40

June 9, 2012
By Cindy Votruba , Marshall Independent

Can it be? Is it true? Have I actually reached the age that's considered "over the hill?" Sigh, I guess so. It seems like only a few years ago, I was watching my parents celebrate their 40th birthdays. I can see a photo of my brother and I standing on either side of my dad who's holding up a chocolate cake that my mom had decorated (she had recently taken a cake decorating class, so all our cakes that year were test subjects;. She did a great job for my 11th birthday cake). Hard to imagine that one day I will be that age.

Oh wait, I am. Today as a matter of fact.

OK, so now I have turned 40. Yikes. But what is it about this birthday in particular that strikes fear in most of us? It doesn't necessarily mean that we have one foot in the grave, but I can attest there are some days when I feel like it.

But as the show "Sex in the City" has shown me, being 40, heck even 50 in Samantha's case, can be fabulous. I just don't have the Manolo Blahnik shoes or the streets of New York City as my backdrop, so I'll have to just settle for my comfortable New Balance tennis shoes and my prairie landscape with at least a couple of trees.

I only really had a "big deal" made out of my birthday for my 11th (where I had a few girls from my class stay overnight) and my 22nd (where friends actually surprised me with a cake and some decorations). On my 21st, I had to work and my dad took me out for my first "official" drink, an Amaretto Coke, at the Somerset American Legion, in my Hardee's uniform. And I'll be working again today - covering the YMCA's Rad Run in Garvin Park and Russell's Bandwagon Days. Who says my 40th will be dull? It'll be hot, but I don't think it will be boring. Just as long as I don't melt away in the heat.

So OK, I'm 40. What's the big deal? I don't feel any different than I did when I was 23. I even got achy hips when I was in my early 20s, nothing new there.And I haven't looked hard for any gray hairs. I'm not sure they are there, just haven't spotted them - eyesight's going, you know (who am I kidding, my eyesight's been going since I was 9).

As far as this "hill" is concerned, at least I'm over it instead of trying to climb it (hey, hills can be steep!)

Today, I embrace 40. Just as long as there's some cheesecake involved.



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