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Dream to reach your goals

May 26, 2012
By Gustavo Estrada , Marshall Independent

Working with young people is a special thing to do. I have learned that it is not easy to be a teenager, that every culture brings its own way to be and each teenager brings their own personality.

My years of experience working with them have taught me that patience and understanding is the way to work much better with them. As mentors, we would like to see that teens have goals in their lives, but I have learned that if you don't have a dream it is hard to reach the goal. Some teens have the dream, and from there the vision and after that the mission to reach for something as an adult, to be something in their life!

Every parent is looking to see his or her child graduate high school and that he or she already has in mind the career that they would like to follow at college or a technical school. Right now, some students are excited to get their high school diploma and look forward to the future. For others, to get the diploma it would be like getting something done.

But, for some students it has been a long journey. Those students may have had a harder time because they had no dream or goal. Schools offer career classes, career programs to help students think about going to college or starting a career. Some get it but some don't have it in them. We have students who have the problem that they can't go or they could go to college for 'X' reason. It makes us think about where their future is for those students.

Students and parents may be looking for a way to do something, but there are too many barriers. You can see the dream in those students but their goal uncertain. When I see this I am thinking where we are going; when we are in a country where we all time think about to improve our country, and be more practical. In this aspect we are going too slow.

There are too many interests and too much bureaucracy that makes this too long to resolve.

We have to wait until these leaders finish playing the game; they are playing with the future of students, and limiting them in what they can offer their communities and their country.

For those students who have the dream and the goal, whether it is to go to college or own a business, try to reach it. When you reach that goal you will see how much you have been through to get there. It is the satisfaction of the journey that will be make you who you are and prepare you.

So dream, set a goal and you will see better results in your life!



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