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SMSU local graduates

May 2, 2012
Marshall Independent

Six hundred and forty-seven bachelor's, master's and associate degree candidates are scheduled to graduate Saturday from Southwest Minnesota State University. Commencement exercises start at 10 a.m. Saturday in the Recreation/Athletic Facility.

The commencement speaker this year will be Thomas Jackson, a 1985 alumnus. Jackson is the vice president for student affairs at the University of Louisville.

The class of 2012 includes students who will graduate with honors. They are indicated as follows: *Cum Laude 3.30-3.49 grade-point-average); **Magna Cum Laude 3.50-3.79); and ***Summa Cum Laude 3.80-4.0.) A 3.0 average is a grade of 'B' and a 4.0 is a grade of 'A.'


Balaton-Isaac Bakker (MBA in management); Ghent-Lori Beth Dubbeldee (MBA in management); Brian M. Siemonsma (MBA in management); Marshall-Abdulrahim Abdalla Adam (MBA in management); Oluwole Abiodun Akomolafe (MBA in management); Salil Aryal (MBA in management); Sristi Bajracharya (MBA in management); Gatrek Tut Chuang (MBA in management); Kush Joshi (MBA in management); Mariame Kouyate (MBA in management); Sanjay Patel (MBA in management); Eugene L. Persons (MBA in management); Wendi Jean Schuerman (MBA in management); Ritesh Shakya (MBA in management); Teesa Shrestha (MBA in management); Anil Man Singh (MBA in management); Kalisha Singh (MBA in management); Onjana Taweesup (MBA in management); Kacie Lyn Weatherly (MBA in management); Minneota-Laura Elizabeth Swoboda (MBA in management); Russell-Kayla Michele Werkman (MBA in management);

Balaton-Juliane Marie Pagel (MS in special education); Brian John Patrick (MS in education); Canby-Lisa Jelen Lokken (MS in special education); Clarkfield-Krista Adeline Isaacs (MS in education); Granite Falls-Heather Lin Anderson (MS in education); Tasha Jean Feldman (MS in education); Jeffrey Chris Iverson (MS in education); Steven Duane Petrich (MS in education); Marshall-Kathleen Mary Deutz (MS in special education); Stephanie A. DeVos (MS in education); Timothy John Evans (MS in education); Erica Ann Flatin (MS in special education); Adam David Gifford (MS in education); Jennifer Ann Hansen (MS in special education); Kyle Dean Johnson (MS in education); Kelly Robert Loft (MS in education); Dominic Anthony Mirocke (MS in education); Stacie Marie Mulso (MS in education); Eric Alan Oldenkamp (MS in education); Amanda Lorraine Pederson (MS in education); Chanwit Phonphaengkwa (MS in education); Sarah Renee Smallfield (MS in special education); Matthew Wade Suby (MS in education); Redwood Falls-Renee Katherine Estebo (MS in education); Molly Ann Miller (MS in education); Kristina Marie Noble (MS in education); Destany Ann Okeson (MS in education); Emily Paur (MS in education); Michelle Susan Thooft (MS in education); Wabasso-Brett David Bartholomaus (MS in education);

Walnut Grove-Derrick John Jenniges (MS in education);


GRADUATES OF THE HONORS PROGRAM: Honors program students design their own programs of General Studies and Rural Studies (subject to approval by the Honors Review Board). Students must maintain a 3.3 overall grade point average.

Marshall-Janna Marie Dorman*** (BA in professional writing & communication); Emily Kathryn Sovell*** (BA in Spanish); Balaton-Brita Ada Johnson (BS in Exercise Science); Steve Paradis* (BS in Agribusiness management); Michelle Lee Roberts (AS in Business Administration); Boyd -Brandon K. Lundy** (BS in physical education/management); Canby-Lisa Ann Ferguson* (BS in elementary education); Brandi A. Full (BS in Finance/Accounting); Clarkfield-Tyler Joel Flattum* (BS in physical education); Jodie Marie Stensrud (BS in management); Cottonwood-Joshua Earl Smith (BA in literature/Creative Writing); Chase Ian Thompson (BS in Agribusiness management); Dawson-Hank Ireland (BS in physical education/teaching); Blair John Miller* (BS in elementary education); Emily L. Nelson (BS in Finance); Karissa A. Roiger (BS in marketing); Stephanie Vorvick (BA in psychology); Ashley Nichole Wisse (BS in physical education); Dawson-Boyd-Cameron Ross Jurgenson (BS in Finance); Echo-Kay Marie Haneca (BA in history); Lacey Jane Wintz (BS in Accounting); Garvin-Ross Arthur Polla (BA in speech communication); Rebecca Marie Towne (BS in Accounting); Ghent-Paula M. Kneeland** (BA in political science); Robert James Shatto* (BS in management); Granite Falls-Justine Leigh Buchman (BA in psychology); Chelsey Ann Ryer** (BS in justice administration/psychology); Hendricks-Kayla Gayle Haack (BA in sociology); Lauren Stephanie Petersen** (BS in elementary education/early childhood education); Janelle Marie Thooft** (BS in Accounting); Ivanhoe-Matthew Leslie Blegen (BS in management); Mark Gawarecki* (BS in management); Scott Panka (BS in Agribusiness management); Lake Benton-Brittany Dawn Houselog*** (BS in early childhood education); Lake Wilson-Kristen Michelle Buldhaupt** (BS in social work); Brian Gregory Meling** (BS in Accounting); Rosana Platt* (BS in Accounting); Lamberton-Emily Ann Neperman*** (BS in management/Public Administration); Kathryn Wacker (BS in early childhood education); Marshall-Tanya Alexia Ashley (BA in political science); Bijayesh Raj Bajracharya (BS in management); Cassandra Rea Bartness** (BS in Finance); Laurie Anne Boerboom (BS in Accounting); Kimberly Jeanne Bruns (BS in hospitality management); Wes David Buesing (BS in management); Clifford Alan Chamberlain*** (BS in management); Jason Patrick Clark (BS in Finance); Patrick James Culhane (BS in physical education); Aastha Dhakal (BS in marketing); Phu Quang Do*** (BS in Finance/computer science); Lance Armond Dorschner (BS in Agribusiness management); Keith Andrew Flemmer (BS in elementary education); Katherine Elise Galbraith** (BA in art); Suzannah Jane Gau*** (BA in art); David Michael Gregoire (BS in Agribusiness management); Adrian Ardis Hibl (BS in hospitality management); Diana Holmes** (BA in speech communication); Thomas L. Jackson (BS in hospitality management); Jamie Joanne Jenson (BA in art); Jazlyn Rae Johnson (BS in justice administration); Megan Lindsey Kerr (BA in art); Irene May Krainz (BA in political science); Abdirahman Hassan Kulmiye (BS in computer science); Amanda Larsen*** (BS in Accounting/Finance); Leah Marie Matthys (BA in sociology); Theresa A. McCoy*** (BS in elementary education/early childhood education); Natasha Rose Muller (BS in hospitality management); Hayley Ann Oster (BA in Theatre arts); Tanya Jo Polfliet (BS in elementary education); Timon Andrew Reynolds (BS in computer science); Rebecca Mary Schmidt (BA in Music); Emily Mae Schoephoerster** (BA in history); Scott Michael Schroeder* (BS in management/Finance); Rachel Rae Serreyn** (BS in early childhood education); Tiffany Michele Sharp (BS in early childhood education); Jason Daniel Shores** (BA in art); Katelyn M. Steen (BS in Finance); Todd Anthony DeVella Stogdill** (BS in management); Alyssa Wesson Struve** (BS in elementary education); Alyssa May Vandeputte** (BS in elementary education/early childhood education); Justin Jay Vanderwerf (BS in Finance); Klayton John VanOverbeke (BA in biology); Anthony Marshall Veigel*** (BS in computer science); Randal Taylor Wilmert (BS in computer science); Joshua James Wittrock (BS in management); Chia Yang (BA in sociology/BS in Accounting);

Minneota-Adam Lee Hoffmann** (BS in physical education); Shayna Christine Schreiber* (BS in early childhood education); Tyson Sonnenburg (BS in elementary education); Redwood Falls-Bruce Allen Boomgarden (BS in culinology); Harry E. Davis** (BS in Business Administration); Jackson B. Koster** (BS in marketing); Zach Raddatz* (BS in management/marketing); Tyler Jeffrey Sandgren* (BS in justice administration); Margaret Jean Schoffman (BS in hospitality management); Arielle L. Tellinghuisen (BA in psychology); Russell-Jason Chad Buchert (BS in Accounting); Terry C. Goodmund (BS in Accounting); Michael Jay Johnson (BS in management/marketing); Ruthton-Angela Lynn Johnson (BS in Finance); Sacred Heart-Emily Ann Balfany** (BS in early childhood education/elementary education); Danette Marie Hendrickson** (BS in elementary education); Sanborn-Kendall Kate Jensen*** (BS in Finance/Accounting); Wendy Sue Rogotzke (BS in elementary education); Slayton-Charles Martin Freeman (BA in history); Derik Calvin Johnson (BS in physical education/Teaching/Health education); Annette Rose Magnus (BS in Accounting/Finance); Jeremy Lee Olivier (BS in physical education); Janeane Marie Robinson (BS in Exercise Science/biology); Jamie Leigh Swanson (BA in psychology); Sleepy Eye-Amy Kathryn Bruggeman* (BS in management); Amanda Marie Schmitz** (BS in Accounting/Finance); Kellie Ann Schumacher (BS in Agribusiness management); Raina S. Walter (BS in early childhood education); Taunton-Dustin M. Rhymer (BS in speech communication-radio & television); Tracy-Brienna Christine Beierman* (BS in Finance); Ashlei Audine Carpenter (BS in elementary education); Sammuel Lee Lau (BS in management); Brittnee Anne Michael (BS in speech communication-radio & television); Taylor Shaw Rignell (BS in physical education); Patrick Charles VanNevel (BA in literature/Creative Writing); Tyler-Rebecca Marie Gunnare*** (BS in elementary education/early childhood education); Jessica Ann Wiering* (BS in social work); Vesta-Brian Michael Nordby* (BS in environmental science); Nicole Ann Pagel (BS in management); Dalton Mae Stage** (BS in elementary education/early childhood education); Wabasso-Mitchell Todd Altermatt (BS in management); Brandon Michael Baune (BS in Finance); Christopher Michael Eichten*** (BA in biology); Maria Joan Guetter* (BS in Finance); Brandy Theresa Ricketts** (BS in management); Daniel Christian Riley (BS in Finance); Megan Marie Samyn (BS in management); Walnut Grove-Adrienne Anne Kletscher** (BS in communication arts & literature/Secondary Education-English); Sarah Warner (BA in speech communication); Wood Lake-Karissa Rose Fiegen (BA in psychology/philosophy); Samantha Kay Pehrson (BA in history/political science); Anthony William Ross** (BS in environmental science).



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