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The search for a new hobby

April 21, 2012
By Cindy Votruba , Marshall Independent

I really need to find a hobby. Better yet, I need to find the time and effort and knowhow to stick with a hobby. I like to be creative, but there are times that I have ADD when it comes to doing particular crafts. I'll buy a ton of materials, whether it be paints and clear glass Christmas ornaments, a latch hook kit or a boatload of scrapbooking paper and accessories and there they will sit for months or years on end.

Yes, that has been the case for me throughout the years. I'm a terrible sewer; junior high home economics and a high school class called fashion strategies proved that. I haven't had the patience to learn to knit. I can't really draw or work with wood. I haven't played an instrument steadily (it's been more than a year since I've even tried to play a song on my guitar). I'll try something and then get bored with it or just become plain uninspired. I've started two latch hook kits - one of Tweety when I was a kid and another of Eeyore when I was an adult. Both went unfinished. A friend of mine showed me a craft she learned from one of the daytime television talk shows - taking a tube of acrylic paint, squeezing the paint into a clear glass ornament and swirling the paint around. I started doing that, enjoying how the colors would mix together. I even sold one of those ornaments; gave others as Christmas gifts. Then I stopped, leaving quite a few ornaments unpainted. Paint dried up and got thrown out. I donated most of my remaining glass ornaments to the Goodwill. End of that hobby.

Then I took on scrapbooking. It started when the Marshall Area Stage Company wanted to put together its photo archives and I figured, why not make it something fun to look at than just sticking photos in an album. So I went all out. I'd go to Michael's or the scrapbooking store in Marshall or wherever and just buy clearance paper, stickers, tools, what have you. I'm not a hardcore scrapper by any means. I keep my paper and other stuff in a Rubbermaid tub. My only tool is a mini cropper. I went great guns with the first seven or so years of MASC's existence. Now I'm quite a bit behind. I just don't take the time to work on pages. The well has run dry as far as trying to think of some clever way to design books to fit particular plays. But that hasn't stopped me from picking up cheap paper here and there. And maybe one of these days I'll take up working on my scrapbooks of the trips I took to England and France and Colorado. Lord knows I have enough paper and stickers for those.

I've been doing quite a few stories on folks who knit, make cloth diapers, painters, upcyclers and a woman who makes her own cosmetics and bath products. And they're continually productive. They keep at what they're doing. And most of all, they enjoy it immensely. I?just want to find the kind of hobby that I'll really like and will continue for years to come.



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