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Short takes for April 20

April 20, 2012
Marshall Independent

Big government, big letdown

THUMBS DOWN: Big government abuse has been taken to a new level by the General Services Administration, which has been told by senators from both parties to clean house. In case you hadn't heard, the scandal that became public last month revolves around a GSA conference in Las Vegas that cost taxpayers more than $800,000. There were also travel and spending rules violations. Republicans are shaping the controversy as a reflection of big government abuse, while Democrats are trying to protect the Obama administration by saying it was a few-bad-apples scenario. It has been reported, however, that the GSA has a history of misconduct that goes back decades under Republican and Democratic administrations. Whatever the case, the system is broken at an embarrassing level, and the sad part is, it looks like something that could've been fixed a long time ago. Where's the oversight? Add the GSA story to the unbelievable Secret Service scandal and it's no wonder trust, and respect, in big government is at an all-time low. We hope there is major house cleaning done here, and by that we mean firings. A lot of firings.

Vandalism surge

THUMBS DOWN: The Marshall Police Department has been busy dealing with vandalism in the city of Marshall. What a shame. Recent vandalism has included spray painting/defacing at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church and at the Islamic Society of Marshall, as well as incidents in the parks. Vandalism in Marshall seems to go in spurts, and while most of it might seem rather innocent - you can easily find a lot worse in larger cities - it's nonetheless disturbing, especially when it happens at a church. Apparently, nothing is sacred when it comes to stupidity.

Get Game and Fish Bill passed

THUMBS DOWN: Come on, Legislature, passing the HF2171 - the Omnibus Game and Fish Bill - shouldn't be this difficult. The people want it, the DNR needs it, and it's good legislation. Do your due diligence, but don't make it political or more complicated than it should be. Pass the bill.



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