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A quick Easter journey to Wisconsin

April 14, 2012
By Cindy Votruba , Marshall Independent

It was a bit gray and cloudy when I?headed east to Somerset on Saturday. Then came the rain, which was constant. It was sprinkles, then drizzle, then there were a couple of cloudbursts. Ugh, I?hate driving in rain. But it was important that I?get to my parents' house for a quick Easter visit. My trips are few and far-between. Plus?I?don't see my extended family as often as I?should. When I?found out later that Saturday that some of my cousins were coming to my aunt MaryAnne's house on Sunday (she was hosting Easter dinner), I?was pumped. It was worth the few hours of driving in the rain. Plus the lasagna my mom made for Saturday's dinner was a treat as well. As soon as I?suggested it, my dad got all excited as he claims that my mother doesn't make it much anymore. So a win-win on both our parts.

Sunday came too early for me as we went to 8 a.m. church because we wanted to get to Rice Lake at a reasonable hour and early enough to do some visiting before the meal at 1:30 p.m.

And we're the first ones there. Relatives started trickly in some time later. My cousin Roger's wife Angie, who is originally from Colombia, made sangria, which she brought over in Green Bay Packer-themed ice cream buckets. Hey, it's Wisconsin, we know how to dole out our fancy beverages with style.

Sunday was also the chance to meet two of my cousins' newborns - well relatively newborn - one born in August and the other born in November. Both are girls and both at the same baby babble going. Also, very cute.

Now when you're trying to find room for roughly 30 people to sit down for a meal, it can get tricky. A long folding table was set next to the dining room table. Then there was scrounging for chairs. I don't know where my cousins unearthed some of these chairs, but some of them probably haven't seen the light of day in a while. About three of my cousins' kids went to eat out on the patio. Food was passed, little kids were encouraged to clean up their plate as best they could in order ot have some French silk pie for dessert. Aside form a few chocolately faces, dinner was mishap-free for most part.

Apparently my cousin Bruce organizes a little Easter egg hunt for the kids. Throughout my growing-up years, he's been a bit annoying. Well, he still has his moments. But what he does for my other cousins' kids is pretty cool. More than 100 plastic eggs were filled with candy and other little treats and a couple of other cousins scattered the eggs around the yard. Some were in plain sight. Others were tucked into trees or covered a little with dried-up material from last year's garden. Five kids were looking for 24 eggs apiece (to keep things fair).

They were sure excited to started and as soon as Bruce said go, they were tearing across the yard. Well 3-year-old Violet kind of toddled around, so some of us helped her locate eggs as it was hard for her to compete with her brothers and cousins. I?was also having a bit of fun trying to get photos of the action. The better ones came when the kids were opening the eggs and getting the candy inside.

But it all came to an end quickly. Cousins and their families had to hit the road. But it was a wonderful day and a half. Will have to make more of these journeys.



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