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Political polarity

March 31, 2012
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

In my 69 years I have not seen such political polarity. Both major parties have drawn a line in the sand and made such solid statements that they don't dare to back off of them. The word "compromise" has disappeared from the political dictionary. The Spendocrats theme seems to be "tax the rich" and the Republicants say "no you can't." We all know that if taxes are increased, more programs will be introduced to spend the increase and nothing will be done about the huge debt this country has incurred.

Then there is the state government. There are bills being introduced to minimize the effect of another government shutdown. Isn't that treating the symptom rather than the illness? Why not figure out how to prevent another shutdown? There seems to be a real need to get constitutional amendments on the ballot. Here's one to consider. "If a government shutdown occurs, all current members of the Legislature, and the governor and lieutenant governor shall be declared ineligible to run for reelection."

With so many career politicians, there likely would not be another shutdown.

Jack Miller

Rural Garvin



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