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Need more balance on Opinion Page

March 27, 2012
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

This newspaper does a good job of reporting local news straight up without a lot of deliberate bias, allowing all sides to be heard.

In this regard, our community is strengthened and informed by your presence here, and is a better place to live because of what you do.

Nonetheless, I have a real problem with some of your filler days when there is no local content on the editorial page. March 22 is a case in point: You have three syndicated columnists filling the page, John Stossel, Cal Thomas, and Michael Barone all of whom are unequivocally conservative with Stossel's piece on Social Security and Medicare featured as the day's editorial.

These writers belong in the paper, their viewpoints resonate with many readers, and those who disagree may learn something from them as well. However, what we read on March 22 was not balanced. We need to see columnists on the same page who have some appreciation of the critical, positive role the public sector plays in our society, and who don't automatically discount efforts to address unfunded public liabilities short of privatizing everything.

I'm talking about liberal writers. We have, after all, a sitting president and governor both of whom are Democrats and liberals; and they carried Minnesota when they were elected. We need to see more here from their professional newspaper columnist friends. It's in the public interest.

Tom Runholt




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