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‘A walk through Wabasso’

March 24, 2012
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

The following thoughts came to me after noting the Rev. Todd Petersen's explanation of the Sacrament of Marriage that appeared in last week's Wabasso Standard. I would like to thank Father for his work, and I pondered how that definition appears to us in the "real world." Driving through Wabasso one day, I first went by the Community Center, where not only class reunions, graduation receptions, and wedding receptions have been held, but also where the town's elected leaders have gathered to make decisions. I then cruised on Main Street, where merchants offer their talents in car repair, hair styling, and plumbing, to name a few. After a left hand turn, I went past St. Anne's School, which got its start when a handful of SSND nuns arrived from Mankato in the 1920s to serve the young town on the prairie.

The Public School then arrives on the horizon. As I spot a certain white truck, I think of a Vietnam-era veteran who is transitioning from one career to offer himself for public service again. (Although I have not always agreed with him, and will not vote for him, I appreciate his efforts.) I see the nursing home after making a right hand turn. Located across the street from a church, the nursing home also is in the ministry business - caring for those among the most vulnerable. As I approach where May Street intersects with the highway, I spot to my left a great number of youth out participating in a variety of activities. Some are first-timers, unsure on how exactly to grip a golf club. There are others whose ability in executing a slap hit results in their names regularly appearing in newsprint.

This trip wasn't meant to be a "Wonder Years"-type of mushy sentiment. The fact is that the fruits of marriage appear all around us. While we can all point to cases where marriage has supposedly "failed," God has elevated marriage to be one of the seven sacraments. Let's remember that always, especially come November.

Perry Bock, Jr.




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