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Canby students learn through YAMS program

February 25, 2012
Marshall Independent

The following is letter authored by students at Canby High School as part of a public service announcement project.

To the editor:

We would like to inform you that alcohol is a colorless, hazardous, and intoxicating drug. This drug first attacks your brain. Alcohol acts as a depressant on your brain, which slows down your brain's ability to think clearly. It can cause short term memory loss, and loss of your inhibitions.

Alcohol also reduces your judgment, speech, and coordination. Health hazards from alcohol include damages to your liver, brain, stomach, intestines, skin, heart, esophagus, muscles, pancreas, and reproductive system. It also lowers your resistance to diseases.

According to the research from the UT Southwestern Medical Center, 20 years ago people drank less. This information was collected from more than 85,000 participants. This information shows how alcohol addiction has risen in the last 20 years. Hooch (another name for alcohol) can be highly addictive. There are four stages of alcoholism.

First, there is the warning stage; this is about finding reasons to have a drink or to feel good. Secondly, there is the danger stage; this deals with wanting more alcohol and becoming drunk more often. Thirdly, losing control; this contributes to spending money recklessly, blaming others, and going to the hospital because of drinking. The final stage is the loss of control; this involves being comfortable while drunk, failing at simple tasks, and no longer making excuses for drinking. Watch out for these stages in loved ones, friends, and family. Help save somebody.

We are very proud to be going to Canby High School. They have a program called YAMS, which stands for Youth Against Misusing Substances. YAMS helps our students become educated about drugs and learn other alternatives for having fun.

Ashley Grengs and Tanner Kack

Canby eighth-grade students



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