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Obama’s nightmare

February 17, 2012
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

Let's start out with when Richard Nixon was president of our country. He got to be great friends with China and started by letting them bring in their merchandise to our country and has escalated to an overwhelming amount. This really hurt our manufacturers in the U.S.A. Then he got in the Watergate scandal and ended up quitting his presidency position.

The Ronald Reagan became president in the 1980s. This Republican raised the deficit 17 times while he was president. This was totally crippling to our country. He also set up a program to excuse farmers from large FHA farm loans just by signing and walking away from it all! Then he helped out dairy farmers by the Federal government buying out dairy herds for $100,000 and had the cows slaughtered. This man was so power hungry it was scary!

He created the hugest deficit of all time.

Then Bill Clinton was elected president and he took every measure to balance the budget. He had a lot of opposition from the Republicans, but he did do some good changes and when he left office he had accomplished balancing the country's budget!

Then comes George W. Bush who won the presidency illegally. He raised our deficit seven times. Also, he cut taxes for the top 1 percent rich people by 20 percent. He put us into horrific wars in two countries costing multi-billions of dollars. While in office he created a 4 trillion dollar deficit. Our future generations will be paying for this mess for centuries.

Now our president serving us citizens has the nightmare job of trying to turn around this mess created by George Bush.

Barb Mosch




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