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Your Christmas tree, our treasure

December 14, 2011
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

Many will search greenhouses, retail stores, flower shops, tree farms, visit open houses for ideas on just the right tree and setting.

Others may just drive around through neighborhoods and cemeteries looking for that tree or part of a tree that looks about right and make a "snap" decision.

The latter is what someone this last weekend decided to do in our front yard. For whomever decided to take a part of our tree, I thought you may want to know its history.

My wife and I bought the tree in memory of her mom when she passed away in 2001, the year we moved to Marshall. She loved trees, all kinds of trees, but I think evergreens were her favorite.

The tree was a potted tree, only about 3 feet tall, planted in our front yard so we could see it every day and watch it grow.

It took about three years for any growth at all but, after fertilizing, watering, trimming and caring for the tree, it began growing and developed, after 10 years, into a good looking 10-foot tree.

This past weekend someone else thought it looked good, too, and snapped the top 5 feet of it off.

A new five-footer at any store would go from $15 to $35. The tree you took was much more valuable to us as a memory and work of love.

I hope whomever took the top half of our tree reads this and begins to understand what it meant to us.

I hope they bring the tree home, decorate it nicely and have a wonderful Christmas with the Perfect Christmas Tree.

Then they can throw it away - it won't get any taller.

Glenn Olson




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