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4-H in the family

4-H runs deep in the Moorse family, so much so that a television crew spent some time following them around for a program on 4-H and the State Fair.

November 19, 2011
Story by Deb Gau , Marshall Independent


It's not an exaggeration to say that 4-H is something at the core of Greg and Becky Moorse's family.

"We met in 4-H," Becky Moorse said. Later all of their six children - Brittany, Grant, Garrett, Gared, Grady and Brooke - would also get into the program in a big way.

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With six children in 4-H, county fair photos make up a good portion of the Greg and Becky Moorse family’s albums. The Moorses’ involvement with 4-H will be featured on a Pioneer Public Television program that airs Sunday.

"On my mom's side we're a third-generation 4-H family, and second generation on my dad's side," Brittany Moorse said.

Her younger brothers Gared and Grady added, "We never miss a State Fair."

The Moorse family's passion for 4-H got the attention of Pioneer Public Television earlier this year, and they will be featured on a program called "4-H at the Minnesota State Fair," which airs Sunday. The program, which grew out of television broadcasts of the annual 4-H livestock auction, follows Minnesota youth competing in the State Fair.

For the show, a camera crew came to do interviews with members and friends of the family at Greg and Becky Moorse's farm south of Minneota, and filmed them working on 4-H projects and competing at the Lyon County and State Fairs.

"It was really interesting to get the opportunity to show everyone in the area what we do to prepare for the fair," said Grant Moorse. The camera crew first visited in the spring, when the family was busy with newborn goats and calves and getting the year's 4-H projects started.

"They sort of watched us doing chores and asked questions, basically," Gared Moorse said.

The filming included a variety of the Moorse siblings' projects, including raising livestock, a fashion revue project and a dog project. The variety gives a better picture of what 4-H is really about, Brittany Moorse said.

"A lot of people have the idea that 4-H is just about livestock," she said. "It's really a much broader spectrum."

Being interviewed and filmed was an unusual experience, the Moorse siblings said. Having a camera crew around could make you nervous, they said - especially if you were dressed in chores clothes or were trying to compete.

"When they were there for the dog project, it was for the agility event, and that wasn't my dog's strong point," Gared Moorse said. At other times, like the State Fair, it was easier to forget the camera crew were there.

"I'm one of those people who gets kind of stressed out at the fair, so I think it kept me in line a little bit more," Brittany Moorse said.

Greg and Becky Moorse said part of the reason PPT approached them about being on the show was because their involvement in 4-H went beyond working on projects for the fair. They work with 4-H kids from around Lyon County in addition to their own children, and they lease livestock for other 4-H members' projects.

"All these kids are like our kids," Becky Moorse said. "I enjoy getting to know not just the kids in our community, but kids in the county."

Greg Moorse said being part of the PPT program was a chance to let more people know about the benefits of being in 4-H.

"It's a heck of a learning experience," he said, and an opportunity for kids and youth to grow as people. "It's very rewarding when you work with the kids and then you get to see them in the show ring."

The Moorse children felt the same way about their experiences.

Grant Moorse said a lot of his experiences in 4-H "are what have made me who I am."

The Moorses said they are excited to see the show, but they probably won't all watch it as it airs.

"The sad part is, we don't even get the channel," Greg Moorse said, laughing. The family will get a DVD of the program instead.

"4-H at the Minnesota State Fair" will air Sunday at 3 p.m. on Pioneer Public Television, and will be rebroadcast on Monday at 1 p.m.



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