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National Anthem, spirit of patriotism, will survive without Ventura

November 8, 2011
Marshall Independent

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura doesn't like being told no. He doesn't like being told he can't do something. He doesn't like our government, the politicians elected to help run this country, and now he doesn't like airport regulations and screenings (it's called post-9/11, Mr. Ventura). It seems like the only thing he does like these days is himself.

The over-the-top, political Independent Ventura is entitled to his own opinions and the chance to express them publicly - that's what is great about being an American, having the freedom to do and say so much without fear of repercussions (except from the media, which he also doesn't like). But on Friday, a week before Veterans Day, the former Navy SEAL, so upset that his lawsuit against the federal government over airport security had been dismissed, reportedly said he has lost his patriotism and that he will never again stand for the national anthem.

Ventura, who has lost most, if not all, of his relevance since his term as governor ended, loves the cameras and the feeling is mutual, but as a former leader of a state, a one-time prominent figure in Minnesota government, the ex-wrestler has gone too far in all but denouncing his country and questioning his own patriotism.

Last Friday, Ventura said he plans to apply for Mexican citizenship so he can live there more often. We say, "fine, go right ahead." This Friday, we will honor our veterans who fought and sacrificed for the very freedoms Ventura enjoys as an American (or part-time American) - the freedoms that allow him to go in front of all those cameras to let everyone know what his feelings and opinions are. We don't know what the former governor will be doing on Veterans Day, but we hope he takes a little time out of his busy day to count his blessings and remind himself that without our veterans and their military service he wouldn't be able to do or say half the things he does.

Go ahead, Mr. Ventura, slap this country in the face again, it's your right, just be sure those verbal jabs don't include those who fought for our freedoms.

If Ventura plans on being in Mexico this Friday, that's OK with us - because on that day, it's our veterans and their families who deserve all the attention, not limelight-seeking conspiracy theorists doing everything they can to avoid fading out of the national spotlight.



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