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November 8th: Education matters

November 5, 2011
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

I have heard and read some misinformation about the Nov. 8 District 413 referendum vote that needs to be dispelled.

Voting yes for option 1 WILL NOT increase your property taxes.

Voting yes for option 2 WILL increase your property taxes.

There have been numerous comments about the extra money the state "gave" the schools. The state gave the schools an extra $50 per pupil to cover borrowing costs which occurred because the state withheld payments to the school. Unfortunately this $50 per pupil goes to the banks as interest payments and not the students. Since the state shifted the payment schedule, schools now have to borrow money to operate. The payment shift and associated interest charges cost the school about $70 per pupil. This means our legislators managed to cut education funding by $20 per pupil while touting it as an "increase" in funding.

I will be voting yes on both options. Option 1 is easy; voting no would further cut education funding which would leave our children further behind and make them less competitive in the workforce. Option 2 is a yes because technology is always going to be pushing forward. You have two choices: learn the new technology and grow with it, or resist it and be left behind.

In every survey out there, the biggest problem facing businesses is finding skilled workers. It's not taxes or regulations they are talking about; it is education. We have been defunding education for 30 years and are now left with an under-skilled work force. On Nov. 8 you have the chance to say education matters.

Jared Sanow

Marshall High School graduate




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