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Republicans’ actions unacceptable

October 26, 2011
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

Thanks to President Obama we are rid of Bin Laden. Also Libya is rid of a horrible dictator. The truth is that our president is working hard to get more employment for U.S. citizens but the Republicans are stopping everything the president has for a plan.

The Republicans are out to destroy our 75-year system. They want to rid us of Medicare and Social Security. Also, they want to eliminate our middle class people for good. They are a mean and cold hearted bunch of so-called politicians. The real truth is mostly hate for our black president. They are doing everything to make him fail and look bad. What they are doing is so horrible and destructive to us good citizens of the United States and is totally unacceptable. What the Republicans are doing is demonic and they are out to destroy our country's well being. The real truth is all this started when Bush was president and he did considerable damage with some stupid decisions and horrible advice from others under his leadership. The problem is he left our now president with irreversible problems of outrageous debts of all sorts. He was all for the rich and not us common citizens.

Be careful who you vote for in 2012 elections.

God help our country!

Ron Mosch




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