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Think about the students

August 27, 2011
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

We have been reading and hearing a lot about the upcoming VOTE on options for the Lynd School. I'd like to say this, if a person looked at it in perspective: If you buy a 60- to 100-year-old house, what do you do with it? Either demolish and rebuild or remodel.

And why, because it doesn't fit your needs. The value of your property increases as you 'meet your needs.' So therefore that is what the Lynd School Board is doing. They are looking at the needs of the students and the education they'd like to provide and that includes some enhancements to what they have.

They formed a committee and the committee reviewed many options and these are the ones they felt were best. They informed the public at meetings where anyone wishing to learn about their findings were able to attend.

Now everyone has the opportunity to vote on the options and there isn't a reason for name calling, racial considerations, etc. it is just what it is. A school district that has a building that no longer fits the needs of the students and their education.

They also have some health and safety guidelines which the State imposes, that they are planning to and need to address. No different than closing and demolishing the middle school or selling the East Side School in Marshall and the building of a new Elementary and High School facility, or Lake Benton, Ivanhoe and Cottonwood districts. Did their taxes increase? What is next, for any School District? If they want to continue to educate their students, there will be more enhancements along the way.

We've been lucky to be able to pay lower taxes because the Lynd Board and the Lynd School have been able to continue to work within their means. Now they are looking to the future and they have to update what they have to meet the needs of the students. Their main goal is the students education. They are not looking to build an elaborate school building, they are looking to build a school that will meet their needs for the years to come.

Now vote as you wish. Just form your own opinion. VOTE and leave it at that. Think about educating the students, the individuals who will some day be your adult neighbor, your co-worker, your friend.

Patti Welvaert

Lynd School District resident



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