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Barking up the right tree

August 11, 2011
Marshall Independent

When you hear the name Tiger Lake, the last thing you think about is dogs. But that will change next year when the Marshall Area Dog Run opens.

The dog run, a Marshall Community Services project, will be located at the Tiger Lake Retention Pond site. It will be a fenced-off section that will allow dog owners to enjoy their dogs - and others' - in their own leash-free environment. The dogs won't be able to get out and run (and do their business) all over private?lawns or approach those who might not have a fondness for dogs.

While there are sure to be cynical naysayers among Marshall's population, this is a good community-based idea because, unfortunately, not all dog owners within city limits keep close tabs on their dogs, and when they get out they can cause trouble, sometimes serious trouble. We hear about dog issues - bites, unwanted confrontations - almost on a weekly basis, so hopefully, this will be part of a solution to that problem.

The dog run is relatively cheap - organizers are hoping to raise $5,000 for Phase 1 of the project - and will include picnic tables, benches, shaded areas and a water station for both humans and their four-legged friends. Signage, waste disposal bags and receptacles will also have to be purchased.

The dog run can also be a destination for travellers passing through Marshall - another option to let their dogs stretch their legs during a long trip. Next year, those people will be able to take their dogs to the run as opposed to letting them run outside and relieve themselves near a gas station or restaurant.

The city of Marshall currently does not have a leash law, except in its parks, and anyone who does not pick up their dog's waste is in violation of city ordinance. The dog run will give dog owners an option when it comes to getting their dogs exercise. It will also serve as a nice way for residents to enjoy each other's company and socialize with other dog lovers in a controlled setting.

This project looks like a win-win - for those who have dogs and for those who don't, who don't want to be bothered by dogs on the loose that have a tendency to invite themselves into backyards all over town.



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