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Costly wars

June 28, 2011
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

After all is said and done the wars that our ex-president engaged us in Iraq and Afghanistan have been devastating.

He was so power hungry and bullish that he declared full scale war on them.

Iraq posed no threat because they didn't have nuclear weapons for mass destruction. But yet he placed blame on false information from his adviser. These politicians are so engrossed in lies and deceit that this is the norm for Washington, D.C. This is total insanity and hatred of all sorts.

There has been a record number of deaths due to these wars. Then there are the ones who come home with no legs and arms and mental problems of all sorts.

They couldn't get Osama bin Laden so Bush went after and captured Saddam Hussein who was not a real threat to the USA. Bin Laden was the one who ordered the Twin Tower terrorist attack. While in office Bush made no attempt to go after bin Laden.

The ex-president was on an ego trip and did much damage with all his careless decisions. After his terms in office he came out with a book filled with lies to cover up to save his reputation. This was so radical and malicious. These wars have put our country in debt for trillions of dollars. Our future generations will pay dearly for years to come.

God help our people of the USA because the Republicans are out to destroy our system of long standing!

Ron Mosch




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