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Questioning our lawmakers’ decisions

June 25, 2011
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

I am a bit confused with our representation at the state level. It seems that both our representative and our senator are more interested in pleasing their colleagues then they are in representing the citizens who helped them gain their office. Every decision they seem to make is aimed at forcing the lower class and low middle class to pay for the state's financial problems. They must realize that most voters in this area are in this group.

Our college has the highest increase in tuition on any in the state. They want our property taxes to increase. They want to solve our state's financial problem by reducing income taxes for some citizens. It would seem that common sense would dictate that we need additional revenue, not less. The citizens with the least amount of income are being asked to cover the losses caused by all of us. I would gladly accept an increase in my taxes to help our state solve this financial crisis, and I am in the very low middle income group.

You say that we cannot have the wealthy pay the same percentage of tax that we do because it might keep them from hiring more employees. Let's face it the wealthy are cutting jobs so that their profits would increase and are getting richer at my expense. Everything that our elected officials support is aimed at satisfying their fellow representatives, their party and their reelection plans, but it is all bad news for the people they are supposed to represent. Why not just equalize our income tax percentages and take care of our state's financial crisis and then begin getting our high schools, colleges, counties and cities and citizens back to what they were like before we were ravaged by too much Pawlenty?

I must apologize to my fellow citizens, because I voted for all these people that really don't know what they are doing.

Myron Sustacek




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