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More on gas prices

June 6, 2011
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

I, and many of the people I have talked to, agree with the letter to the editor from a couple days ago about the price of gas at the Marshall gas stations.

A couple weeks ago when I needed to travel to the cities, I left Marshall when gas was $3.93 per gallon. When I reached the North Metro area and needed to re-fill my tank, I paid $3.66 per gallon. If I had cash I could have even received gas for 3 cents less than that. I also agree that you can go to any station outside of the Marshall area and find gas cheaper than in the town of Marshall.

I have used all the gimmicks (i.e. the full stamped card, the gold card, the receipts from buying groceries, etc.) to get my gas cheaper, but it is still more expensive than anywhere else. I even heard it is more expensive than any gas station that was passed while driving to Denver, Colo.

What exactly is going on here? Isn't there a law on how much a station can charge above what they pay for gas? Is this not called gouging? How are you (the gas station owners) helping the citizens of Marshall deal with this economy by being the most expensive gas businesses in town? How does this make you look to the citizens of Marshall? My train of thought is that a bigger town would have cheaper prices on gas as opposed to a smaller town but in this case it is the opposite! How does it look for someone traveling from Pipestone, for example, needing gas and passed up several stations along the way only to find out that Marshall is so expensive that they could have paid less in Florence?

Come on people do the right thing. Get rid of the gimmicks and just give us the fair and reasonable price for gas for a change and gain back a better reputation.

Vicky Albertson




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