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Gay marriage dialogue

May 26, 2011
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

This is in response to the May 14, 2011 "Group: Marriage debate a question of civil rights." The staff writer said: "Thursday's forum, titled "Making Marshall Welcoming to All People," focused mainly on finding ways to engage people on the subject of marriage equality, while staying calm and civil." And the director of Winning Marriage Equality said: "I look upon that (discussion of constitutional ban on homosexual marriage) as a real positive. We are going to have so much dialogue in the next year and a half."

And so to lead off the discussion he is hoping for, I have a few calm and civil questions. Note; Although I can defend the religious aspects of this issue, I will keep my questions focused on those relating to science and logic.

1. Why and when was the word "gay" coined to mean "homosexual?"

2. What percentage of homosexual unions end up being totally monogamous throughout the couple's entire lifetime?

3. If we change the definition of marriage to mean also a union of two men or two women, what rationale will we have refuse those who also want it to mean a union of several men or several women, or a man and a boy? Or, marriage to one's pet? Note, in December 2010, in Australia, a man married his dog. And how do you handle these situations in divorce court?

4. If we are defining homosexuals as a "minority" similar to that of blacks or any other race that can be identified by their DNA construction, please tell us what biochemical property defines the homosexual.

5. Apparently, in 1973, the American Psychiatric Association took homosexuality off the official list of psychiatric disorders. What was the scientific basis for that decision?

Phil Drietz




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