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Our own great lakes

Top Ten are lakes to consider for your fishing destination

May 13, 2011
By Justin Lightfoot , Marshall Independent

Lady Slipper

On the northeast end of Lyon County this lake is just under the 300-acre mark. This lake is a popular ice fishing destination for early fishing. Ice fishing the lake last winter provided a lot of action with just a few keeper walleyes. The larger fish on the lake seem to be most active during the May bite and early June. This is a lake well worth a little time to fish, and School Grove is right across the road, so give that one a try, too. The DNR did a large amount of stocking in School Grove in 2010 because of the winter kill that winter. If the stocking fish took hold, that lake will provide some great fishing in the next few years, and maybe even possibly this year.

Wood Lake

Located in Lyon County, this lake is about 375 acres, and seems to hold a strong perch population, which is a hot food source for the walleyes. With large numbers of fingerlings released in 2007 and 2008 one would think those fish should be in the size of fish that we seek as anglers wanting a meal of fish. This could be a sleeper lake that will boom this summer.

Lake Benton

Located in Lake Benton, this lake covers over 2,700 acres of Lincoln County. Lake Benton is a strong fishery in the area with lots to offer for the fisherman in the area. With a strong stocking program and nearly 3 million fry stocked in years 2007, 2009 and 2010. There appears to be a strong year class for the upcoming season according to the information on the DNR website. This is one of best lakes to test your after-dark slip bobber fishing techniques. This also seems to be the most popular way to catch fish on the lake. Tipping your slip bobber rig with a leech or a minnow is a strong June pattern for years past. This is a great lake to spend a little time on in during early season fishing.

Dead Coon

This lake is located in Lincoln County and covers around 550 acres. This is a lake that is not talked about a lot, but has the potential to come to life for fisherman. With no stocking information available on the DNR website the test nets show that in 2009 there was a large year class of 12 to 14 inches which should provide some action for fisherman on the lake.

Cottonwood Lake

Located in Lyon County in the city of Cottonwood, this lake has been quiet for a few years. In 2010 the lake stocking was one of the biggest in the area that I have seen. With very little winter ice fishing pressure, because of the snow, this lake has the potential to be a very strong fishery this spring and summer. According to DNR Lake Finder information, 700 pounds of walleyes was stocked in the lake, from fry to adult fish. If these fish made it through the tough winter, they should provide some good fishing for the next few years to come.

Wood Lake by Wood Lake

Located in Yellow Medicine County, this lake was a crappie superstar last fall. The crappie action was fantastic though it only lasted about two weeks many people took advantage of this fishing. This lake is a favorite in the area because it offers good walleye fishing and also when you find those crappies on the lake it provides some panfish fun. This lake has consistently been good for catching some fish through early June for years past.

Minnesota River, Granite Falls

With four boat landings within 10 minutes of town and so much diversity of fishing I love to fish this body of water. The one issue with fishing the river is the current you have to contend with and another thing is the loss of tackle, but the fishing usually makes up for the amount of tackle that you will lose while one the river. Fishermen catch a lot of big walleyes on the Pete's Point Dam. Fishing the current breaks with a jig and a minnow and you never know what you might catch. I would not recommend bringing your brand new boat on the river - there are lots of deadfalls and rocks so use caution while on this waterway.

Lac qui Parle

There is around 6,000 acres of water. This lake is another favorite because as you fish for walleyes you will likely be provided with some other action as well. While fishing for walleyes you will likely pick up some white bass, fresh water drum, or maybe a catfish. So if action is what you want this is a favorite destination for fishermen to get their pole bending and catching some fish if walleye are not your only target.

Lake Shetek

The best for last, located in Murray County with nearly 3,400 acres of water this lake has a lot to offer with the flowing water, the inlet and dikes. I think this will be the strongest walleye fishing in the area, and it also has a strong crappie population for those who like to panfish. With a strong year class of fish and a consistent stocking program this lake remains the area's favorite fishery. Lake Shetek provides the backdrop for many things, including the Lake Shetek Walleye Fishing Tournament which is sponsored by the Shetek Area Sportsman's Association. This year the tournament is going to be on May 21 and the money raised goes back into the lake for aerators and the fish cleaning station on the landing. So if you want to support the local organization and fish in a tournament for a fun day at a low cost check it out.



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