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Fresh from the Gulf

Couple decides to open a seafood store in Ivanhoe

April 4, 2011
By Phillip Bock , Marshall Independent

IVANHOE - Southwest Minnesota is not where one would expect to find fresh seafood, but a new Ivanhoe business hopes to change that by offering Gulf shrimp fresh off the boat.

Open just three weeks, Railroad Street Seafood offers four different sizes of fresh shrimp shipped fresh to the market from fishing boats in Texas. According to owners Pat and Ginny Sterzinger, the shrimp is flash-frozen on the boat and shipped straight to their doorstep.

"That's as fresh as you're going to get 'em in this area," Pat Sterzinger said.

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Photo by Phillip Bock
Ginny and Pat Sterzinger recently opened Railroad Street Seafood in Ivanhoe, which offers four sizes of fresh shrimp.

Sterzinger, the owner of an excavating and tiling business in Ivanhoe, plans on retiring and was looking for a business he could run along with his wife. Frequent travelers to Texas, the couple decided on seafood.

"We'd go down to Texas and I'd bring shrimp back and make shrimp fries," Ginny Sterzinger said. "People would tell me it would be nice to have shrimp around here."

The two are known in town for cooking up the best shrimp gumbo during the town's annual Polska Kielbasa Days festival. The past two summer festivals they gauged interest in a seafood shop and found that many in the town would be interested in buying the fresh fish.

At the moment they are set up to sell fresh frozen shrimp, but as the business grows the couple said they want to expand into other types of fresh seafood such as scallops and oysters.

The business, located on East Railroad Street in Ivanhoe, had been planned for some time, Ginny Sterzinger said, but when the Deepwater Horizon oil well sprung a leak, the Sterzingers decided to hold off starting their business until the shrimp was deemed safe.

"We could have started this last fall," Ginny Sterzinger said. "But we waited till we knew it was safe."

The shrimp can now be purchased in four different sizes in 5-pound boxes. The business is open limited hours from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Thursday through Saturday. For special orders the couple can be contacted at 507-694-1400.



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