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Sanctuary in Granite Falls

March 14, 2011
By Jenny Kirk

GRANITE FALLS - Betsy Lavin's business is helping others. Lavin recently created the perfect sanctuary for people feeling overwhelmed or those wanting to bring focus back into their lives - the Life Purpose Retreat and Coaching Center in Granite Falls.

After nearly 19 years of offering chiropractic care, Lavin's passion for making life better for people led her to expand her service to include focus on the mind and spirit in addition to body.

"I'm beyond excited," Lavin said. "One of the principles I teach is the triangle of health: mind, body, spirit. If one side collapses, the others collapse, too. It's that holistic approach that keeps health balanced and strong."

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Photo by Jenny Kirk

Betsy Lavin is a certified life purpose coach and hopes to help women by offering guidance. She has worked for years helping their and their bodies, but is expanding her services to include people’s mind and spirit.

The new facility, with surroundings that easily encourage a state of calm and relaxation, is connected to the Lavin Family Chiropractic Center, located in the Wellness Center on U.S. Highway 212. Lavin has owned the property since 1995 and had rented out space to a number of other businesses. But recently, everything fell into place, allowing Lavin to have multiple rooms for her life purpose and spiritual and spa retreats.

"I got these rooms by divine intervention, I swear, because it was just supposed to be this (gathering) room and a prayer room," Lavin said. "But all of a sudden, I have this expansion of almost half of the building. Every step of the way, it has been so amazing."

The retreat and coaching center offers rooms for praying, journaling, and reflection in addition to rooms for eating and reading. In one room, one of Lavin's favorite sayings is displayed on the wall: "relax your body, calm your mind, renew your spirit."

"It's for anyone seeking focus in their life, either they need a day of reprieve and they just want to come in because they're overwhelmed and need a break or women who are seeking more purpose," Lavin said.

Lavin has done retreats in her own home since 2006, a time when she came to realize how overwhelming caring for her parents could be.

"You end up putting all your own personal things on the back burner, like exercise and faith," Lavin said. "I got to the point where I wondered where I was in all of it."

Lavin suspected that others felt the same way, especially women because they tend to put themselves last on the priority list. She started offering retreats two times a year, including time for prayer, journaling, facials and pedicures.

"These women all had something in common," Lavin said. "Women are good at connecting and that connection of women in an intimate setting is phenomenal."

After seeking training, Lavin now specializes in life coaching (wellness, life purpose and retreat) and life plans, a two-day journey.

"I wanted to keep it to two areas to begin with," Lavin said. "One is that day of rescue for women who are emotionally drowning and physically drowning, so this rescue is a way to rejuvenate.

"But the other one is more forward thinking and whole life purpose planning. "

Lavin said people need to know that she is a coach and not a counselor.

"Counselors look at the past and deal with issues that may be keeping someone from moving forward," she said. "But as a coach, I tend to ask really great questions that lead them forward and look at the next step."

In the future, Lavin hopes to offer "Rescue My Life: A Complete Life Makeover Program."

A grand opening at the Life Purpose Retreat and Coaching Center will take place from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, with a dedication by the Rev. Jim Bemke at 11:30 a.m. For more information on the first-ever spiritual and spa retreat at the center on April 30 go to



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