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Editor's column for Feb. 26

Bringing back an old friend

February 26, 2011
By Per Peterson

We live in an ever-changing world, one that if we don't adapt to, we would more than likely be left behind.

The newspaper business is no exception.

Newspapers across the country are changing the way they do things. We all have websites now, which allow us to actually "break"?news instead of having to wait a day to get it in your hands. We put a lot of emphasis on our site and put a lot of work into them as well - it's kind of like having a brand-new car but still driving and taking care of the old one because it still runs just fine and we appreciate it.

In the end, we do this all for our readers, and it's for our readers that we're taking a step back in time and revitalizing something that meant a lot to them - a one-time staple of the paper. In essence, we're bringing back an old friend, only this one's had a facelift.

You might not recognize it, but we hope you'll welcome it back into your homes with open arms.

Starting next week, the Independent will once again begin publishing the TV listings in a new publication called TView that will be included with your Friday paper.

But this isn't your old-fashioned TV book.

For starters, the new-and-improved version of the publication will now be in tab-sized form as opposed to the past book-size publication and will be easier to navigate. The TV listings will be printed in a larger sized font, making it much easier to read than the old version.

The new tab will also include national, entertainment-related feature stories, some trivia, and a few of your favorite puzzles. Plus, the writers at the Independent will throw in their version of entertainment with columns and maybe even some TV and book reviews.

We're exploring some other options to include in the publication, so what you see next week might differ from what you see in a month or so from now, and if there's anything you would like to see in there, don't hesitate to drop us an email to let us know your thoughts. After all, this is your publication, and your opinions do matter to us.

"This is more than dusting off the old TV?book, this is a fresh and revitalized version of what we know was a very popular supplement of the paper," Independent Publisher Russ Labat said. "A?lot of people have put in a lot of work for this new publication, and putting it together on a weekly basis will take extra effort each week. But we believe it will be worth it.

"We should also thank our advertisers for their support for our new TView and encourage you to patronage and thank them."

Because of this big change, certain aspects of the newspaper will inevitably change as well. For example, the soap opera update that runs in the C Section of our Weekender will now be found in TView. And other items normally found in the Weekender also might eventually find their way into TView.

So we're changing, but not because technology is forcing us to, but because we believe this is something our readers want, something that you miss.

It's always important to look to the future, and expect and embrace changes in what we do and how we do it, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to reach back to the past and bring something out of retirement, so to speak, especially something that our readers enjoyed having around.



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