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State proficiency awards

February 17, 2011
Marshall Independent

The following Marshall and Tracy Area FFA students recently received state proficiency awards:

Marshall FFA

1st Place Gold

Adri DeBoer, Agricultural Communication; Emma Hoversten, Diversified Livestock Production Placement; Taylor Welu, Emerging Agricultural Technology; Alex Soupir, Fiber/Oil Production; Shelby DeBates, Forestry Products; Eric DeBlieck, Grain Production Placement; Cody Schroeder, Outdoor Recreation; Alex Soupir, Specialty Crop Production; Craig Fischer, Swine Entrepreneurship; Cody Schroeder, Wildlife Management

2nd Place Gold

Eric DeBlieck, Diversified Crop Production Placement

2nd Place Silver

Amanda Kolander, Swine Placement; Tom DeBaere; Silver Swine Placement

3rd Place Silver

Cody Schroeder, Agricultural Processing; Brad Evenson, Agricultural Services; Alex Soupir, Diversified Crop Production Placement; Luke Sanders, Silver Diversified Agricultural Production

State Degree Recipients

Josh Bruley, Tom DeBaere, Adri DeBoer, Brad Evenson, Craig Fischer, Emma Hoversten, Taylor Welu

Regional Star in AgriScience Taylor Welu

Tracy Area FFA

1st Place Gold

Shawn Zwach, Ag Mechanics Design & Fabrication; Mark LaVoy, Ag Mechanics Repair & Maint Entrepreneur; Matt Wakefield, Agricultural Processing; Kayla Daniels, Agricultural Sales Entrepreneurship; Alex Blegen, Agricultural Sales Placement; Crystal Demuth, Fruit Production; Ryan Bruder, Turf Grass Management; Anna Johnson, Swine Production Placement; Cody Welu, Diversified Crop Production Placement;

1st Place Silver

Alex Bitton, Agricultural Sales Placement; Cory Apperson, Diversified Crop Production Placement

1st Place Bronze

Alex Meyer, Diversified Crop Production Placement; Brad Peterson, Diversified Crop Production Placement

2nd Place Gold

Scott Lanoue, Agricultural Processing; Ryan Bruder, Agricultural Services; Blake Giles, Outdoor Recreation

2nd Place Silver

Brad Hicks, Agricultural Communication; Kayla Daniels, Home / Community Development; Scott Lanoue, Poultry Production; Scott Lanoue, Vegetable Production; Galiya Bitton, Agricultural Services

2nd Place Bronze

Madeline Caron, Small Animal Production and Care

3rd Place Gold

Brad Schmidt, Ag Mechanics Design & Fabrication

3rd Place Silver

Jacob Orren, Outdoor Recreation; Andrew Vroman, Diversified Agricultural Production; Adam Debbaut, Ag Mechanics Design & Fabrication;

3rd Place Bronze

Cody Welu (no int.), Diversified Agricultural Production

State Degree Recipients

Casey Benson, Matt Wakefield, Shawn Zwach, Andrew Vroman, Blake Giles, Anna Johnson, Cody Welu

Regional Star in Production Placement Andrew Vroman

Regional Star in Agribusiness Shawn Zwach



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