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Here's a thought for Feb. 11

February 11, 2011
By the Rev. Celeste Lasich

Christ United Presbyterian

Salt and light...

Last spring I walked the Holy Land hillside where it is remembered that Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount. The location is really more of a gentle bowl shaped rise above the Sea of Galilee than a mountain. The acoustics on that hillside were astonishing; from over a half mile away, I could easily hear the conversation of vacationers in a small boat just off shore. It was simple to image the crowds gathering from the surrounding countryside to hear Jesus voice God's truth and love in powerful vivid language - life changing, challenging teachings about God's intentions that have lived down through the generations.

In my church, we are listening along with those early crowds as Jesus talks to his followers about being salt and light - enhancing and bringing out God-flavor and God-color in this world, as one translation puts it. Salt - costly and precious in Jesus' day - flavor enhancing, cleansing, healing, melting the iciest situations... Light - treasured beyond measure by those who watch for the morning - showing the way, shining brightly in places of need, glowing with peace, joy, hope and love... If you are a disciple of Jesus, He says you are light and salt to the world! Not you should be, or you might be but you are right now, Salt and Light!

An on-line commentary encouraged keeping a "salt and light log" through the week and beyond: to pay attention and collect examples of how God was working through me or others, to help those in need. Once I started, the examples kept popping up. I asked my congregation to jot down and share their salt and light logs with one or two others - their stories were inspiring! Snow plowed, rides given, broken relationships reconciled, meals prepared and delivered, a new (used) car, a listening ear at just the right moment, an encouraging word in a dark time, a visit, a card, a thoughtful gift

Think back over your last week or so... When did you act or experience someone else bringing out God-color and God-flavor? Seriously - take a moment and write down what you notice. I encourage you to keep that log for at least a week. You may not be used to thinking of yourself as significant to God's work, but you are. This is not boasting - God is using you for good in this world. Don't hide your light! God has blessed ordinary folks like us with all we need to bring light and life to a dark and hurting world. Thanks be to God!



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