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Short takes for Dec. 10

December 10, 2010
Marshall Independent

We have a governor

THUMBS UP: Whether you reside on the right or the left, we all should be pleased that the 2010 governor's race has come to a conclusion. With a monster budget deficit facing the state, the last thing members of the House and Senate needed was controversy from the governor's office and not knowing when the full transition from Tim Pawlenty to whomever would take place. Give credit to Republican candidate Tom Emmer who saw the writing on the wall and probably did himself a favor by conceding Wednesday. Drawing out a race that was all but over weeks ago could've done some serious damage to his political future in the eyes of voters who have already been through a long, drawn-out recount/lawsuit as recently as two years ago. We wish Gov.-elect Mark Dayton the best in 2011 and beyond and urge him to work with all those new Republicans in the House and Senate.

Gotta love Love's game

THUMBS UP: Young basketball players watch ESPN for a reason. They want to see Kobe and LeBron. They want to see alley-oops, behind-the-back passes and rim-rattling dunks. They want to see how some NBA?players are celebrating themselves these days, whether it's pounding their own chest or pointing to the name on their back. What they should be wanting to see - and what the ESPNs of the world should show more of - is players like Minnesota's Kevin Love. Like Larry Bird, Love, who leads the NBA?in rebounding and has five games with at least 20 points and 20 rebounds, isn't fast and flashy, but he commands your attention simply because of the way he plays the game. He's a hoops tutorial in size 16s. High school coaches would be well-served if they reminded their players to play the game more like Kevin Love and less like Kobe Bryant. When it comes to the fundamentals of playing down low - posting up, rebounding, blocking out - no one in the NBA?does it better than Love.

Lessons on cyberbullying

THUMBS UP: The two stories the Independent published earlier this week about bullying should serve as a good reminder to parents about keeping a close watch on their children. These days, it's difficult for parents to track everything, and sometimes a disconnect can form in the home because kids are paying so much attention to what's on their computer or cell phone screen. It's up to parents to not let that happen. Experts on the topic spoke with students at Murray County Central on Monday, and other schools should follow their lead in scheduling some kind of similar event to remind their students about the issue and what they can do to prevent anything bad from happening on campus.

County meeting attendance

THUMBS DOWN: The Lyon County Board has been experimenting with evening meetings in an effort to attract more of an audience. It appears the change - the board has been holding its meetings in the evenings once a month - isn't having much of an effect. It's good that the county tried to shuffle things around to give those who work during the day a chance to attend. The experiment was worth it if for no other reason than to see if the public would respond to the change and take the time to go to an evening meeting as opposed to one that takes place during the work day. But judging from the lack of attendance at evening meetings so far - and from a virtually empty boardroom at Tuesday evening's public budget hearing in which commissioners discussed the proposed 2011 budget and preliminary levy - the board should consider scrapping the idea in 2011 and return to its regular meeting time on a permanent basis.



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